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This one goes out to you @TheWhiteFalcon!
I want to pour it into a wine glass and drink it.
By marching with LGBT he is, but apparently you're too blind to recognize it.
How exactly does this not concern their business?
I call BS.  If you are truly a fan of his you will seek his music out. Just like the Beatles fans out there surely will...
Interesting logic.
Surprised to see that you're still here, you stated in a previous and related thread that you were taking your money elsewhere...
 You clearly didn't read the article... 
You forgot the /s.
You do realize that your quote might one day apply to Apple as well, right? Really?  She will make more than most people make in a year without lifting a finger?  She would be nothing without Apple products? Come on... the delusional comments on this forum are just getting ridiculous!
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