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Unless of course it's true.  Oh well, I guess shame on those who speak of their personal experiences.
-1.  These forums really need a thumbs down button.
 Oh, come on!  What an ignorant statement, show me a business that isn't about making money.  It is likely that Apple's profits on it's new music service in the first year will far exceed all of the profits that Jay Z or Tidal have ever realized.  Tidal's service offers plenty to enjoy, especially to those who can appreciate good sound quality (cue the theorists that say you can't hear the difference between 256 AAC and anything higher).
Class 101 - Don't start your reply with Lol. _________ sucks! The sad thing is that the Tidal music service is actually pretty awesome, it's just too bad that the new owner has done nothing but attract negative attention to the service.  
@chadmatic maybe you should read the headline again, it specifically says dugout only.
To the batter's watch - one tap for fast ball, two taps for curve ball, etc...
 Speaking of assumptions based on today's technology... I'm betting that your almighty smartphone will be displaced by a much, much, much smaller device that will always be attached to your body and provide all of the conveniences that you deem so important.
 I use my iPhone for all of those things today but is it the most important thing I own?  Absolutely not!  I can do all of those things without it, it simply adds convenience.
And by your definition, people above 25 years of age are considered old?   I don't think anybody here is arguing the importance of smart phones, but to claim they are the single most important thing ever is a bit absurd.  And to say that one is in the stone age for owning an iPhone that is 2 years old is simply childish!
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