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When I first saw the photo of the storefront, i thought it was a rendering of the next generation store and my first impression was that the design was a huge step backwards.  That is not a troll response.  As it turns out it is a huge step backwards, all the way back to one of the first store designs!
Considering there is an image of the old store UNDER the headline that reads "NEXT GENERATION" STORE, I think it is misleading.
Do you disagree that the image is misleading?
You people???  You have got to be kidding!  If Apple even came close to doing something like this in their UI, you people would be all over it!
 Nothing says low-end like carpet.  Not to mention it is impossible to keep clean because it traps dirt and bacteria and always has a dingy scent.  Shampooing the carpet only exacerbates the problem by creating a stuffy, humid, and sticky environment that reeks of wet dogs (even if you don't have pets).  
Unless of course it's true.  Oh well, I guess shame on those who speak of their personal experiences.
-1.  These forums really need a thumbs down button.
 Oh, come on!  What an ignorant statement, show me a business that isn't about making money.  It is likely that Apple's profits on it's new music service in the first year will far exceed all of the profits that Jay Z or Tidal have ever realized.  Tidal's service offers plenty to enjoy, especially to those who can appreciate good sound quality (cue the theorists that say you can't hear the difference between 256 AAC and anything higher).
Class 101 - Don't start your reply with Lol. _________ sucks! The sad thing is that the Tidal music service is actually pretty awesome, it's just too bad that the new owner has done nothing but attract negative attention to the service.  
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