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What do you mean 'go back to this'?  Last time I was on the east coast, that is exactly what it looked like!
Deja Vu
There are some aspects of iOS7 that are much improved, but the keypad screen for the Phone App sums up everything that is wrong with the new design.  
  Hmmm!  That would be very interesting...
Get over yourself Gazoobee!  If you are so offended that a California-based tech company has made an American or Californian reference in their product name then you should put your money where your mouth is and buy your technology from a company that is based in another country.  
Agreed.  It would be even better if you could individually select which Apps don't auto update.
Interesting...  There probably are a lot of people who think they are paying homage to a Top Gun character.  If so, they will be quite surprised to learn what Apple is actually referring to!  Mavericks really is a beautiful (and appropriate) metaphor!   I wouldn't be surprised if Yosemite makes the cut for a future release.  Apple will have a lot of fun with this naming convention and there are so many incredible places in California that they can name their software after.
Minimal, clean and transparent come to mind before "flat".  And because of this new design, the overall look and feel becomes more dimensional, vibrant and exciting!   I don't see the "Pastel Colors" that some here are referring to, maybe they are confused by the colors in the wallpaper or the icons that permeate through the opaque background.
Hmmm.  Let me take a crack at it...  They're a California-based company and maybe they are proud of the California culture?   I don't think the name Mavericks has so much to do with expecting you to be enamored by California and surfing as much as it has to do with them being able to choose a name that they like for a product that they created.   In the context of big cats, the Sea Lion joke was brilliant, not tacky.  And for the record, my jaw didn't drop when they...
Apple would prefer neither of these scenarios.
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