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Last time I checked, Apple was charging $19 for the Lightning to USB cable.
You would think that they are making less profit than before because the new Lightning to USB cable sells for the same price as the legacy 30-Pin to USB cable, and the Lightning cable has the additional manufacturing expense of the chip.
I would hope that they are making a profit.  That is the general idea behind being in business after all...
Says who?
The loud colors distract from the content.  Same reason TV bezels are not colorful.
Did you make the same argument when High Definition 1080p "Flat Panels" were introduced?  I can just hear your logic...  "What?!  new HDMI cables?  No thanks, just give me an old CRT with S-Video cables." 
I want an apology letter!
That's funny. One guy on a forum telling another guy on the same forum to get a life.
In the end it is all about properly managing expectations
What about Google TV, Project Glass, and the Motorola acquisition?
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