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Hmmm.  Let me take a crack at it...  They're a California-based company and maybe they are proud of the California culture?   I don't think the name Mavericks has so much to do with expecting you to be enamored by California and surfing as much as it has to do with them being able to choose a name that they like for a product that they created.   In the context of big cats, the Sea Lion joke was brilliant, not tacky.  And for the record, my jaw didn't drop when they...
Apple would prefer neither of these scenarios.
It is as good of a design as it can be, very minimalistic and doesn't draw attention to itself, it will blend in with the rest of my black gear (AVR, DirecTV, Amps, Control Processor, Etc.)  A square peg for a square hole.
Tim Cook needs to work on his spelling when he is being quoted.
I can't believe somebody actually typed this.
+1 and +1
The kids get their parent's 'old' iPhones when their parents upgrade to the newest model.
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