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 Right?!  Who does that?
I'll bet you'll be eating those words within two years.
No, but if you are an unsupervised, naughty little eight year old you can!
It happened, welcome to reality!
  I have a feeling that the issue is quite a bit more complicated than simply switching between a primary and a backup.
  I just googled it and the results aren't even close to what I was implying.
  Amateurs???   Trust me, it is not the end of the world, and there IS an excuse for it!
  And as a developer I am sure you understand that $h!t happens!
It amazes me that Microsoft truly thought they could go head to head with Apple's iPad, especially when everybody else who has tried has failed miserably. Is it an ego, complete ignorance, or simply being a glutton for punishment?
Yes, quite a few of them!  9to5mac has posted a nice video detailing the updates.
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