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Hmmm...  I guess I'm just naive enough to play along.  It's hair.
Don't you think there should be a system in place that prevents you from making that size of a purchase without jumping through some serious hoops?  In the computing world we have "Are you sure you want to replace XYZ File?", so at an absolute bare minimum wouldn't you expect a trader to see a warning that looks something like "Are you sure you want to invest $1billion? (or did you totally f*ck up and mean to invest $1million?)".
 There is no question that these guys are crooks and need to face some consequences, but prison isn't the answer.  Prisons should be reserved for only those who pose a physical threat to society.  These guys should be publicly humiliated for stealing, ordered to pay back any gains they may have received along with a substantial penalty out of their personal finances, and then fired.
Agreed. Better yet, what the hell is number seven doing on that list?
 What?!  Where did you come up with all of that?  He simply said they don't make junk.  And he's right!
 Not sure where you're going with this...  Surely you're not suggesting Ford is the Apple of the auto industry.
Yeah Wall Street!  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!
 Right?!  Who does that?
I'll bet you'll be eating those words within two years.
New Posts  All Forums: