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    Then based on your first quote, what is to become of my media collection when I pass away?  
Does this mean that when I pass away my entire collection of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and software must be returned to the manufacturer or destroyed?
Really?  So why is it that anybody selling used CDs, DVDs, Software, etc. on Ebay is able to do it legally?
Agreed.  Nor the work of the late Steve Jobs.
I completely agree.
Do you really believe that it is the color that makes this car boring?
Really?   http://www.roogio.com/images/White-Lamborghini-Aventador-LP700-4-at-Geneva-right-side-view.jpg
How is that unfortunate?
The new DirecTV UI is better than it's competitors set-top box UIs, but is only good for the conventional "Live TV" business model.  I will admit that DirecTV has done a pretty good job of updating their hardware and software on fairly regular basis, but most Cable TV providers should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.  While charging premium subscription fees, they still use the POS Motorola and Scientific Atlanta set-top boxes that they have been using for the past...
New Posts  All Forums: