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The problem with making the screen wider is that the device becomes physically wider, and unless you have an unusually long thumb, you would no longer be able to operate the phone with one hand.
With all due respect, switching to the Lumia is probably the best strategy for you as it appears that you interested solely in the specs.  The "magic" in the iPhone is the delicate balance between hardware, software, design, and the user experience, not to mention the seamless integration with the rest of the Apple ecosystem.
Seems like the tradeoff in physical size wouldn't be worth it in my opinion.
Taller I understand, but I can't imagine why wider would be better.  
It seems that you are confused about the difference of owning a copy of the media versus owning the licensing rights.
    Then based on your first quote, what is to become of my media collection when I pass away?  
Does this mean that when I pass away my entire collection of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, and software must be returned to the manufacturer or destroyed?
Really?  So why is it that anybody selling used CDs, DVDs, Software, etc. on Ebay is able to do it legally?
Agreed.  Nor the work of the late Steve Jobs.
I completely agree.
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