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+1 and +1
The kids get their parent's 'old' iPhones when their parents upgrade to the newest model.
You are absolutely right.  I refuse to shop there for all of these reasons.
How do you tell the time when your iPhone battery dies?
Although it is frustrating when you are not paid what you expected to be paid, I have to question Starck's decision to "seize" the yacht.  Without knowing all of the details, his decision does appear to be in poor taste.
As opposed to?
It's all relative.
It really depends on if the signal is interlaced or progressive. 1080i displays only 540 lines per frame, whereas 720p gives you all 720 in a frame.
???Wow! That is a very bold statement! Some would argue that his taste is actually quite impeccable, hence his top design position at one of the most design savvy tech companies in the world. I am curious what your definition of good taste is?
Okay, you are saying that one can just use words that have the same or similar meaning. So I can just say "biting hard on the bar" because biting hard is the same as champing and chomping, and bar is the same as bit and is more acceptable in "English in 2012". It's good to know that since we are in "English 2012", we are free to bastardize the language.
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