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Do you really believe that it is the color that makes this car boring?
Really?   http://www.roogio.com/images/White-Lamborghini-Aventador-LP700-4-at-Geneva-right-side-view.jpg
How is that unfortunate?
The new DirecTV UI is better than it's competitors set-top box UIs, but is only good for the conventional "Live TV" business model.  I will admit that DirecTV has done a pretty good job of updating their hardware and software on fairly regular basis, but most Cable TV providers should be absolutely ashamed of themselves.  While charging premium subscription fees, they still use the POS Motorola and Scientific Atlanta set-top boxes that they have been using for the past...
Trust me, if they lose in the content market, they will most certainly lose in the ISP market as well.  The reason is simple, and it is the same reason that Nest thermostats are so successful, they are competing with "Big, dumb, and slow companies".  And the cable companies are exactly that; "Big, dumb, and slow".
They currently sell the content and the conduit.  If Apple finds a way to sell the content without them, they are left with only the conduit.  My guess is that somebody will come along in the next few years with a new, faster, wireless ISP technology and win a majority of that marketshare as well.  
Then the cable companies will get left in the dust...  Their choice.
What is this Google that you speak of?
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