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They currently sell the content and the conduit.  If Apple finds a way to sell the content without them, they are left with only the conduit.  My guess is that somebody will come along in the next few years with a new, faster, wireless ISP technology and win a majority of that marketshare as well.  
Then the cable companies will get left in the dust...  Their choice.
What is this Google that you speak of?
Cash up front.  
I agree.  The term "head-to-head" suggests that Microsoft is almost equal to Apple with its retail presence.  20 Microsoft Stores to Apple's 363 Stores does not even come close to "head-to-head".
Great addition to Apple TV for all of the cord-cutters out there!
  It is in that context.
Oh I get it!  You take a derogatory word and put the letter "i" in front of it...  Clever!
LOL!  Let me re-phrase that...  There is no way Apple would produce a two-tone rear case in the pattern shown in that photo.  :)
The front and sides look like they could be legit but there is no way Apple would produce a two-tone rear case.
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