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Show me one example of an Apple Store that detracts from it's surroundings.
You clearly don't get it... Great products are the only thing that Apple produces, name one that isn't.
  I think you have that backwards.  Unfortunately, USA invokes a negative connotation for many in the world (think George Bush and 'Merica, Wall Street greed and corruption, Arrogance, Drones, Bullies, Mansanto, and Imperialism).
  What word do you have in mind exactly?
    What?!  How dare he!
  They are probably waiting for the stock market to crash, it seems to be right around the corner...
Upside down.
  I can't get over how hung up you are over this.     You have brought it up on every related forum, thank goodness you don't have an aversion to the word Apple.
What is our problem?   Capitalism and Greed.
What do you mean 'go back to this'?  Last time I was on the east coast, that is exactly what it looked like!
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