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  It is in that context.
Oh I get it!  You take a derogatory word and put the letter "i" in front of it...  Clever!
LOL!  Let me re-phrase that...  There is no way Apple would produce a two-tone rear case in the pattern shown in that photo.  :)
The front and sides look like they could be legit but there is no way Apple would produce a two-tone rear case.
Steve Jobs just rolled over in his grave!
This actually makes sense, it fills the gap in terms of price and screen size...   $199  3.5"   iPod touch (iPad nano) $349  7.85" iPad mini $499  9.7"   iPad
You think???
The background color image is clearly an eye.
It does always seem to drop a little after event day.
If the average price tag of each of those Macs sold in the December Quarter was $1,000 (which is probably low), then that would translate to nearly 50 billion dollars in sales. That does not include iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Apple TV, AirPort, Software, Apps, iTunes, iBooks, eCards, etc. No matter how I look at it, I can hardly say that those numbers are soft or disappointing. Just another record-breaking quarter at Apple...
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