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Nice trouncing Andysol!
Unreal... Only in New York!
but does it run OS X?
Of course there will always be new and improved models coming out each year as that is the nature of the beast. The Post Steve thing is total nonsense, we all know that he left Apple with a three to five year roadmap at the very least. If the products are redesigned next year it will be because it was part of the plan. There will certainly be an iPhone5 and an iPad3, each of which will most probably be redesigned. The iPod touch would follow the iPhone5 form factor. ...
Well, let's see... They were working on iCloud, IOS 5, ThunderBolt, Lion, iTunes Match, and becoming the largest company in the world in terms of market value (just to name a few). You know, the usual game changing stuff that they do on a daily basis. So, what have you accomplished these past 16 months?
Spot on!
Agreed. No problem hitting $600 by the end of 2012. Even higher if they take their hobby to the next step...
Please enlighten me, why is QuickBooks for PC better than QuickBooks for Mac? I have had both and can honestly say that I didn't really prefer one over the other (except the fact that the latter runs on a superior OS)...
They want to get you into their store so that you are tempted to buy more stuff.
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