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 You clearly didn't read the article... 
You forgot the /s.
You do realize that your quote might one day apply to Apple as well, right? Really?  She will make more than most people make in a year without lifting a finger?  She would be nothing without Apple products? Come on... the delusional comments on this forum are just getting ridiculous!
I'm guessing that their primary market is kids in their teens and early twenties, hence the flashy lights, bells and whistles...
I'll take that bet.
Not according to Steve Jobs.
It's hard to imagine an iOS device without the home button.  I reckon it would be a very awkward adjustment period.  I am still fumbling with the relocated power button on the side of my iPhone 6, always get it mixed up with the volume buttons and accidentally put the display to sleep, same when taking photos.
I wish there was a "Thumb Down" button for arrogant comments such as this.  
Or "vince".
Or a $19 Lightning Cable is better than a $1 one. Oh, wait...
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