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Would you be annoyed if you were still waiting for iPhone 4?
Or even better... the Old Spice ads featuring Bruce Campbelll "if you have it, you don't need it".
Take it easy guys, it's just a wrapper!
You do? That's so shallow!
If it's not Tidal Music Service it's not Tidal Music Service!
Why can't anybody stay in their own lane these days? Is it because they're too busy interacting with their mobile devices or because they're over-medicated??? Either way.... It's a serious problem!!!
I only buy Apple products for the packaging.
Apple Music is not necessarily the reason many have "adopted" iOS 8.4, Many users simply like to be on the latest release. There are quite a few iOS devices in my house that are running iOS 8.4 and not a single one of them is subscribed to Apple Music.
This one goes out to you @TheWhiteFalcon!
I want to pour it into a wine glass and drink it.
New Posts  All Forums: