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By marching with LGBT he is, but apparently you're too blind to recognize it.
How exactly does this not concern their business?
I call BS.  If you are truly a fan of his you will seek his music out. Just like the Beatles fans out there surely will...
Interesting logic.
Surprised to see that you're still here, you stated in a previous and related thread that you were taking your money elsewhere...
 You clearly didn't read the article... 
You forgot the /s.
You do realize that your quote might one day apply to Apple as well, right? Really?  She will make more than most people make in a year without lifting a finger?  She would be nothing without Apple products? Come on... the delusional comments on this forum are just getting ridiculous!
I'm guessing that their primary market is kids in their teens and early twenties, hence the flashy lights, bells and whistles...
I'll take that bet.
New Posts  All Forums: