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Or OSX and Windows
Absolute rubbish!
  I don't necessarily agree with your correlation between the iPhone and the new Apple Music service.  The iPhone was a revolutionary game-changer whereas the Apple Music service isn't that much different from it's competitors.  I love Apple as much as you guys, but let's not forget that not everything they touch turns to gold, think iTunes Ping and MobileMe.  When iTunes Radio was introduced there were plenty of comments here claiming it would be a Pandora killer.  I'm...
Same $9.99 monthly fee as Tidal, except Tidal is giving it to you in higher resolution.
Nice one!  I see what you did there! LOL!  I nearly spit my Happy Friday beer all over my MacBook Pro!
I just read the article a second time and didn't see any reference to GrubHub and most other food delivery apps are 30 minutes to over an hour for delivery.
 If it's on the internet it must be true, especially if there is a study to back it up.  Did you know that besides having poor ears, humans can't tell the difference between potatoes and tomatoes?  It's true, there is a study on the internet that proves it... https://youtu.be/bGYs4KS_djg
It's not intended as a nod of approval, but rather to illustrate how ridiculous his comment was. In the same way had I posted Ballmer's infamous quote: “There’s no chance that the iPhone is going to get any significant market share. No chance. It’s a $500 subsidized item.”
You are correct, and that is why I don't listen to Tidal via an App, but something tells me that isn't going to change the way you feel about Tidal. You are probably already aware of this, but Tidal wasn't created by Jay-Z or any of the artists who stood with him at the re-launch. It was originally launched in 2014 by a company headquartered in Norway.
Those are your sensationalized words not mine, along with a heavy dose of ad hominem. I'm not the one saying that the Tidal music service sucks and I'm sorry if you take such great offense to somebody who has a passion for hi-fidelity music. To answer your question, streaming does not necessarily equal lossy.
New Posts  All Forums: