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You don't have to drive something in order to insure it.
Not sure I can help you with the average basic subscription fee but I can tell you that it is not necessarily the bulk of the monthly utility bill.  American Cable TV providers are obsessed with leasing out low-quality and often out-dated Set Top Boxes (STB) for upwards of $15/mo depending on whether or not it has DVR functionality, some even lease the remote controls for $3-$5/mo.  They charge for maintenance packages and just about every other spin you can think of to...
That would definitely be an issue for a family with multiple TVs.
AirPlay is a nice solution for the occasional "Have you seen this video?", but I wouldn't want to rely on it as my go to solution as it tends to be a frustrating experience.
No way!  Apple is getting into the medical industry???/s
     Do any of you think you could hear the difference between a piano being played live before you and a 256 kbps recording of it?
See what I did there?
Soooo many computer experts... Apple should have asked you guys.
You are a fool if you really believe that the human ear can not appreciate a higher bit rate than 256 kbps.
Very surprised [and sad] to see so many Apple-savvy AI readers here who don't understand or appreciate the difference between high-resolution audio and compressed audio.
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