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If you want to get a feel for it, size-wise it is pretty close to a blu-ray case.
Hmmm.  Good point!  Maybe they should put something in place to rake in some recurring revenue after the hardware sale.  What if they created an online store that sells music?  Maybe you could also add movies and TV shows.  If they wanted to get really crazy they could create an online bookstore or even a greeting card store.  Think about the possibilities...
What kind of hammers are we talking here?  Chipping hammers, framing hammers, jackhammers, or neurological hammers?
Diagonal length is deceptive???  
128kbps for music?!  Yuck!
I believe the iPad mini is going to cannibalize the iPod touch market.
I just can't understand the logic here.  First of all, they are the most valuable company in history, so their pricing strategies are obviously on the mark.  Secondly, they already own the market, so why on earth would they want to get involved in a race to the bottom?  Look at the LCD TV industry and you will see why that is a very bad idea.  If anything, $329 for an iPad mini is making the products around it look expensive...  $299 for an iPod touch when you can have an...
Why does this have to be an "either / or" product? I believe that there will be many consumers that buy both, or for that matter, several...
I can't imagine how anybody would be disappointed by the price.
Ha! Exactly!
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