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"secure cloud-hosted network." Yeah, you know, like the one Target and Home Depot used.   So once one server is hacked they get 50 million card numbers. Whereas they would have to hack 50 million separate iPhones to get the same reward, which so far as been unhackable.   Smart move.
So, Kmart is unwilling to adopt Apple Pay, announced on the very day they have a credit card security breech. Not that I think for one minute that that will change their perspective.
Did you read Samsung's statement carefully? They never claimed that they would SELL 15 million phones, only that they would SHIP that many. One helluva difference.
What I don't like about it is that it takes you OUT of the Camera app. If you tap on what was the camera roll icon in lower left (when in camera app), you do still get to swipe through your recent photos ... one at a time. If you then tap the "All Photos" button to try and see a page at a time, you're taken out of the Camera app and pushed into the Photo app.   Also, when viewing photos chronologically there are quirks in that method too. I had several photos taken in...
I do believe you need to do more than just a backup. You might think a "backup" saves the entire contents of the phone, so that a later "restore" restores it to its previous state. Not so. A backup does not do anything with your photos (and music too?). For that you have to perform a sync. I lost a phone full of pictures thinking that "backup" meant backup.   Which brings up a question I have. How do I save & restore the photos I have in my phone without them co-mingling...
What about the people who prefer a 4" iPhone? The only thing that size will be the older model 5S? Somehow that doesn't seem right. IMHO Apple should have 3 sizes, one keeping the 4" screen as an iPhone 6.
Nvidia: Put the chip in a phone, THEN announce you have something.
Well, why didn't they also ban iPhones? They run the same software as iPads.
To answer their question, yes of course they could. Also, of course they could not just as easily.
In 2 sizes? Only 2 sizes? I recall seeing surveys of what size phones Apple customers would prefer, and the old 4" phone was way up there in numbers. Apple is going to drop that one? Doesn't seem right. (I know they will keep the 5S around as a cheaper model, but I'm talking about iPhone 6.)
New Posts  All Forums: