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They add flyover to places no one cares about but here in the US they won't add a new road I informed them about 6 months ago.
A 5K Mac? Heck, that's nothing. I remember when there was a 128K Mac.
I think they should go for 1.0mm thicker and use that 0.8mm for a bigger battery. No one would notice 1mm increase without measuring it.
Doesn't bother me one bit. Karma.
I'd never sit in a Ford with Sync and the engine running.
Well, think of it this way... Apple can use the money for what is allowed, which would free up money for dividends that would otherwise be used for those things that are allowed.
I coulda sworn I saw an article posted on Google Finance that quoted some research done by some company I've never heard of, saying that buyer intent among teens was down. I can choose to conclude that this was either overwhelmed by the older buyers, or that this no-name research company did a survey whose results were paid for in advance.
There can't be ANY security measures going on here. What they're doing is transmitting an electromagnetic signal from the phone directly into the mag stripe read head, therefore in order for the reader to "think" it just scanned a card, the signal must carry the mag stripe info exactly as it is on the card. And it's on the card in a totally insecure way. Also, this means that the phone must store all the mag stripe info in its memory (now THAT is probably encrypted... but...
Because, some people want to turn on their phone and then RUN AN APP before they can make wireless payments. Makes them feel like they're in control or something.
Use it every day, and love it. 2012 Charger R/T
New Posts  All Forums: