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Nvidia: Put the chip in a phone, THEN announce you have something.
Well, why didn't they also ban iPhones? They run the same software as iPads.
To answer their question, yes of course they could. Also, of course they could not just as easily.
In 2 sizes? Only 2 sizes? I recall seeing surveys of what size phones Apple customers would prefer, and the old 4" phone was way up there in numbers. Apple is going to drop that one? Doesn't seem right. (I know they will keep the 5S around as a cheaper model, but I'm talking about iPhone 6.)
I don't think messaging is part of their security problem. Apple encrypts their messages end-to-end, and even the FBI was seen complaining about this a few years back. Although I'm pretty sure that there is no encryption when messaging a non iOS phone.
I wonder if Gene:   Recorded his queries and played them back to both phones. If not, subtle differences in the voice of the person doing the speaking could alter the results.   Recorded the background noise used in the uncontrolled environment and played the same recording to both phones.   Placed the background noise AND the query in the same recording so each query as heard by the phone had the same exact background noise and spoken query.   Was in a soundproof...
 I'll second that.
Since NYC is always banning this, that, or the other, my glance at the headline made me think the article was about some iBeacon app being banned from the city. ( NYC "bars" ... something)
"Tape over the camera will defeat this dumb idea." Let's see ... you get in your car ... Doors locked - check. Seat belt fastened - check. Engine start - check. Clear to move - check. Peel of some tape from the dash mounted dispenser, place over camera lens - check. Think much?
For a second? Don't get something started. It may SEEM like a second, but it's only 0.4 seconds if you include pressing the home button; if you're  phone is already activated then a scan takes just 0.24 seconds. Here's a video showing it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW3OcxMnhwc
New Posts  All Forums: