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For a second? Don't get something started. It may SEEM like a second, but it's only 0.4 seconds if you include pressing the home button; if you're  phone is already activated then a scan takes just 0.24 seconds. Here's a video showing it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wW3OcxMnhwc
This is great. We're well on our way for the phone to be as thin as a sheet of paper. And once we get there the only problems left will be (1) how to pick it up, and (2) how to avoid paper cuts.
War? How can it be a war when Apple hasn't declared it yet? If anything, Apple is developing their thermonuclear iWatch and will swat these Google flies with one detonation when they're ready.
I think Jesse Jackson is probably the worst spokesman for racial equality. He can create more in the negative column than he can in the plus.
I have 5 fingers programmed, but only one that fades. Middle finger, right hand. Weird.   (And no, I don't wear it out by flipping the bird at people.)
Time for Apple to start playing hardball in advertising.
Thank-you Apple.
"Further, these generated email accounts would be intelligently tagged with contextual clues that help users track down the source responsible for handing off the address to a spam provider." YES! 1000 times YES! Once they do that I'll be able to get my cyber hands around their cyber throats.
I'd be happy if 10.9.2 just fixed some of the bugs that are bugging me. Like, can't scroll in some pdfs with Preview. Remove the game "Whack-A-Mole" from the Finder. You play this one by having some process add files or update files in a window, then try selecting something while that is going on. This started with Lion.
What I'd like to see is for Apple to bring this technology to retail with a bang. One holdup of making payments via phone and without a credit card reader (which all merchants have) is the equipment needed by the merchant. Forcing them to buy another device to handle an alternate payment system is a major hurdle. Apple should use some of their billions and simply give this thing away. Overnight they could become The Bank of Apple. Won't happen but I'd like to hope that it...
New Posts  All Forums: