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Originally Posted by EricTheHalfBeeI get it!: an iPad with a restaurant POS app that can text the customer's bill to the customer's phone along with the instruction: "Press the Home Button to pay your bill."Customer presses Home Button"Thank you for dining with us."- - - -In short, it's a simple physical button that may well change the way we all order and pay for things forever.This is soooo Apple, and I bet it has SJ's fingerprints all over it.(no pun intended)
Everything Samsucks does is a lie. Their phones and tablets they claim were inspired by nature is a lie. The trumped up Samsung Experience stores are a lie, Their TV commercials are a lie, even their CEO Gee Sung Choi outright lies to his customers and the press. And now we have IDC on the payroll and they're lying for Samshit. Hey Gee Sung, can't you compete against Apple without lying like Iran? Is the the best you can do?
Apple make an embarrassingly large 5-6" Phablet? That would be as embarrassing as Eric Schmidt's recent attempt to self-appointment himself as US ambassador to North Korea. Not a chance.
Is the iPad screen to big and the iPhone screen to small and that's why Apple is building a mini? Someone please tell me who the mini is for?
Not so wild about this new AI format. Why don't you release an app instead of making the text so big?
In thermonuclear war, the endgame isn’t compromise; it’s annihilation.
Dismembering Android one limb at a time?
This announcement appears to be a tactic by Gee-sung Choi to answer a question before Apple asks it, to wit: "Going forward Mr. Kwon Oh-hyun (Samsung CEO) how can we protect ourselves from Samsung stealing our IP in the future?"Moreover, being found guilty of stealing is a tremendous loss of face for Gee-sung and his division, I'll bet he disappears from the top of the masthead quick.
I had that same experience until I got my 3gs.
God bless you Steve Jobs.
New Posts  All Forums: