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While reading this article, my iPad started playing music (from iTunes Match) that I has selected for it to play 30 minutes ago. Sadly, when trying to select any other songs to play, it won't play & only the original song I picked will play.
I went to my Walmart and got my 16GB Black WiFi at midnight too. I got there at 8:00 (first in line...woot woot). The lady said that they only had 20 in stock and they were all black and were an assortment of 16 & 32GB models, all black and either WiFi or AT&T. No verizon, no 64GB, and no white.
I haven't looked up on this, but the judges name would obviously make her oriental, but maybe still having ties to Asia or even South Korea which would skew the trial.
Anyone else notice that the website the phones used to test there speed was written by Microsoft? It better run faster on their own device or they really suck a making phones.
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