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Wait times at the Genius Bar have gotten bad over the last 6 months as well. Always seem like they never have enough techs working these days. Floor full of salesmen standing around, but only two or three Geniuses, whereas that back bar used to be staffed by 6-7. One could argue that they just weren't busy at the time I visited, but out of curiosity I tried to make an appointment from my phone while I was waiting in store, and the soonest appointment was 4 days away. I'm...
Hopefully with a more intuitive implementation than the Apple Watch, because wow.
Apple should have given away the sport model instead of those goofy overpriced headphones for their back to school deal if they wanted to really boost sales. Apple Watches need to be seen in use publicly to really appreciate them, frankly.
... why would he sell stock when it's the lowest it's going to be for the next several months? Comment on this in a couple months when stock is riding high on iPhone launch numbers etc. What a silly headline.
Apple bet big on China and now China is in free fall. How much more complicated do the analysts have to make that equation?
Gonna be even more headphones showing up on eBay now.
Talk numbers when they become paid members.
So, when it's an android or windows weakness, it's the fault of the software developers, but when it's a weakness in iOS or OS X, ooooo it's those dirty "nefarious" hackers. The blame shuffling going on here is impressive.
Rivets? Crud. That's going to make replacing screens a lot harder than current models. Hopefully this is just a prototype.
As for Cook, hey Tim, if you're so worried about analysts looking too much into reports like these from your suppliers, maybe your should release actual sales numbers instead of cooking your books by burying those figures under headphones and adapter cables. Fact is the enemy of speculation. That's fine if sales didn't get off to a great start for one reason or another. Sales of the original iPhone sucked until Steve himself admitted the misstep and dropped the price...
New Posts  All Forums: