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Apple shipped the devices with the N capable hardware installed, and then tried to charge five bucks to enable the higher speeds after specification was officially ratified. Not surprisingly, there was serious backlash and the firmware update was made free after about a month. This is different. 4.2 requires newer hardware not present in these products previously. You could enable certain aspects of the 4.2 spec with a firmware update, but it would never be fully compatible.
Lol nope, nope nope nope. But this gave me a good chuckle, thanks.
This from the genius that wanted artists to give up three months worth of their product for a slightly higher cut. Hey Jimmy, how about you give me a brand new MacBook now, and in three months I'll pay you five bucks more than MSRP for it? Sound like a good deal to you?
Ugh. These are as annoying as those short lived JCP ads from a couple years ago. Lake Bell looks hot as always in the "Date" ad though.
Before the Apple drones blast Amazon for this, keep in mind that Apple doesn't sell Fire TV's or Google Chromecasts. What's more, they pulled Nest thermostats off their shelves when the company was bought by Google. If you don't see anything wrong with that, you don't have a leg to stand on now.
Also: being critical of certain Apple products and/or services does not make one an Apple hater. I own multiple Apple products, as well as Apple stock, but that doesn't prevent me from rightly criticizing the company when it flubs. It's a company, not a religion, folks. I think some of your forget that sometimes.
Only you do have to opt out right now, or be automatically charged on Thursday the first, exactly like Amazon Prime.
Because Ping 2.0 has been such a success at this point.
Every year with this rumor, and every year it's wrong. Enough already. Samsung isn't going anywhere, folks, and TSMC isn't big enough to handle sole production, sorry.
Not moving to the much faster USB-C on the new IPad Pro was a silly choice that will ultimately hobble it as a professional tool. As someone who owns a 128 GB iPad Air 2, the restore process, as well as just transferring large photo and video files over the USB 2.0 based lightning connector, is painfully, annoyingly slow. It's the only thing I don't like about my Air 2, frankly.
New Posts  All Forums: