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Uh no, no they don't. That's actually illegal. That would be like Sony blocking Blu-ray Discs from other studios from playing on their set top players.
I highly doubt this is true. Tidal has been a disaster since launch, no help required.
Are you insulting ifixit? Their tear down guides and support forums have saved me hundreds of dollars in repair fees, so I'm not understanding what your beef with them might possibly be.
Stopped reading at "Munster." And that's not trying to be cute, just recognizing that this guy has a horrible track record, and should be taken seriously either way. I could throw a dart at a wall full of numbers and come up with something more reliable than this guy.
How is he expecting 185 when Apple is squarely sitting at 124, and the highest it's seen is 133 in the last year? Apple stock has been growing at a rate of 10% per year, which is fine in my book. Releasing junk predictions like this, however, introduce false expectations that ultimately hurt the stock price when they aren't met.
"This group attacked/insulted Apple, so now we're going to dedicate at least an article a day for the next week slamming them just to make sure you all know Apple is perfect and how dare anyone say otherwise." - AI editorial staff
Oh look, another opinion piece not marked as such. Apple is responsible for all their subcontractors. Period. Like the old saying goes, "the buck stops here." That said, LA Unified is a mess in every sense of the word, and is a great example of why just throwing money at a problem rarely works.
You've never used a Chromebook, have you? My 8 year olds school has them in every classroom and they work great. Content controls are comprehensive and easily set up, the units themselves are cheap but well built and sturdy, and the kids love them. Price was a huge factor as well, as you can buy 2-3 chromebooks for the same price as 1 iPad depending on model. The open architecture of Chrome OS allows for many low cost software options, in stark contrast to iOS. Security,...
This is going to be a great laptop. Next year.
Why would they do that? The steel is the best product they offer and the most popular.
New Posts  All Forums: