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I wiped my i6 and did a clean install to see if that improves battery life. Sometimes updating from previous version causes weird memory leaks and hangs that keep background processes chugging away. Resetting network settings usually fixes this, but I wanted to go tabula rasa to be sure. Going to let it sit for 7 hours with screen off and nothing running to see how it does.
 Nope, you're right. It's been there since the S4 at least.
 They were found guilty. It's not "supposed" any longer.
 Nope. To say the court hasn't been favoring Apple in this matter would be an understatement.
 Yeah, they have a long way to go. Battery life is laughably bad in Beta 1, twice the drain rate of 6 and 7 combined if my notes are accurate. I can only assume that this is due to the new "smarter" Siri digging through my phone when it is inactive. On the upside, App compatibility is fantastic so far compared to the two previous Beta 1 versions. iOS 6 Beta 1 was notoriously bad, killing compatibility with over half the apps I had loaded on my phone at that time. I'll be...
No, it's running on my test iPhone 5S that I use for my apps. And yes, I understand alpha and beta software. This mess runs more like alpha. Every new OS has battery issues, but when you can watch the battery life tick down every 30 seconds with nothing running is pretty bad. Beta 1 of 6 and 7 were nowhere near this bad.
It's also a ridiculous battery hog. Went to bed with 97%, woke up 7 hours later with 13%. Nothing was running in the background either. After install it went from 89% to 56% in an hour, but I attributed that to Siri searching my phone and learning. After that first hour things settled down, but a 90% drain with nothing running in 7 hours? Yeah they need to get s handle on that. I've been on the support forums all morning and it's not just me. So much for improved efficiency.
If your vision is so bad that you can't read the instruments on your dash, you have no business behind the wheel to begin with.
 Hm. 9 devices across my family, one $5 dollar Pandora One subscription. What was your argument again?
It's Apple, so it's fair to say all of the above are going to be getting a hefty royalty deal off this so why exactly would they be shitting themselves?
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