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That must be a pretty large "small" number if they're actually fessing up to it, considering how they normally respond to defects.
Good luck buddy. After the way Apple squashed the faulty sleep/wake button lawsuit, it's pretty clear that doing the right thing isn't in Apple's playbook anymore. Besides that, 500 bucks to replace a 2 year old screen? That's beyond ridiculous. Maybe if it were from the current gen, considering how hard the stupid things are to remove and replace, but the previous gen took maybe a half hour to swap out panels.
Eh. Pretty confident that anyone who really wants one for the holidays will get one. Those who wait last minute, however, probably won't. I've managed to snag every high demand gadget for the last decade, without fail. Sometimes that requires savvy shopping and regular communication with store employees and managers, sometimes it required camping out in the wee hours of the morning with other hopeful shoppers. Not rocket science, but this report probably means people won't...
 I asked about this on Friday, and the manager at my local store said they'd know on Wednesday what their stock would be like Friday morning. He figured it would be similar to the Mini launch last year, with a decent supply of every model and color for those who showed up before noon Friday. Depending on who is guaranteeing stock, I'll be going to BB or the Apple Store before work because I need a 32GB AT&T model, and I've noticed they both tend to stock 10 times as many...
 No, they mean "light" in the feature sense.
 I ran into a similar situation last weekend. The station kept playing the same song over and over again, regardless of being thumbed down or skipped. I guess there are still some bugs to work out.
Not surprising. iTunes radio is nice and all, but I still use Pandora, Songza, and StereoMood for the majority of my music streaming. Most people I've talked to about it use at least two streaming apps, as no one has the perfect catalog or feature set.
Wonder what Mac sales would have been like had they not delayed the rMBP refresh just for the sake of Mavericks, which is evidently causing input device lockups anyway. I, like many others, was waiting with cash in hand for the 13" refresh back in June.
Huge surprise. Funny how generations past, including my own, were able to do just fine with regular textbooks, yet kids today needs hundreds of dollars worth of toys just to get a D. Before anyone jumps on me for this, do you have any evidence that use of tablets and such leads to better grades? No, you don't, because the only such studies that exist focus on autistic children, or those with similar neurological disabilities. That's not saying much either, as alternative...
Don't joke, that happened to me. They switched it out for a new one, but it was still a pain.
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