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Nope. But I treat my stuff better than most people treat their children. Hard case on back, Smart Cover on front, Zagg screen protector. If I have to spend an additional hundred dollars on something, I'd rather get those three items, which keep my iPad looking as nice as it looked when I took it out of the box this morning.
Went to Best Buy this morning, was told they didn't receive their shipment of Cellular models yet. Took my name and number down. On a whim, I went over to the Apple store just in case they had any left. In and out in 10 minutes, easy peasy. Space Grey 32GB + AT&T and the leather case, which honestly, I'm not loving and will probably be taking back in favor of just the smart cover. There were maybe 20 people in line at Best Buy. Guy who helped me at Apple Store said they...
My 4th Gen 32GB + cellular is currently going for double what Gazelle lists it at, with 55 minutes left in the auction. Even after shipping and seller fees, I'll be making a lot more for minimal effort than any of these methods offer.
Rats. I was excited for a moment. I'm taking back my 13" tomorrow to trade up to the 512GB model because I'm sick of running out of space. Oh well, no discounts for me.
Ugh that slate back looks ugly. What was wrong with black? We liked black. Whatev, mine is going into a snap case as soon as Speck releases the updated model.
As much as I love my iPad, which I'll be trading up to an iPad Air for tomorrow, price is an issue. Not the initial price, but the hundred dollars between each model. I'm sorry, but an additional 16, 32, hell even 64GB of memory is NOT worth a hundred, two hundred, or three hundred bucks. When you compare Macs, the higher tier models usually come with more ram, more storage, and a faster processor. Not so with iPads, iPhones and iPods. With those three, you're paying 100...
Guy next to me tried to make a FaceTime call out of MSP last week. I ended it with an uncontrollable fit of coughing.A) Gogo's terms of service prohibit the use of streaming apps, Skype calls and the like because they chew up a disproportionate amount of limited bandwidth, and using them is a complete douche canoe move.B) Guy sounded like "Da Bears" skit from SNL, and it was either politely end his call with coughing, or throw my complimentary drink in his face.Don't be...
 I can't confirm it, but there aren't any mentions of 15" models showing similar behavior in the support.apple forums I'm following currently.
Rare? This has happened to me once for every hour I've used my new 13". It's not a difficult fix (shut the lid, wait 45 seconds or so, open the lid and go back to what I was doing) but it's exceptionally annoying. That they have the stones to call it "rare" when obviously it's a widespread problem only makes things worse. Honestly, why can't they just be straight with us and say "Yeah, we know it's a serious problem, but it's a software thing and we'll have a fix out to...
Yeah, they come here and troll other products and companies, even when they have nothing to do with the topic of discussion. Surprised I haven't come across a "samsung sucks" or "APPL is doomed!" post yet.
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