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It's not for iPhone. It works with iPhone. Also works with android. Not that I'd buy one either way. Stamping your brand name in ugly don't right on the bezel is decidedly low end.
 But that's the issue here: you don't need to jailbreak to sideload pirated apps anyway. You can already do so with the three different programs I mentioned above without jailbreaking. Does Jailbreaking make your device more vulnerable? Yes, but it's not like those vulnerabilities are contagious, and will affect non-jailbroken phones. Is it possible that hackers will somehow use the vulnerabilities discovered by the latest jailbreak to attack unjailbroken phones? Again,...
 Only it's not, like I said. Jailbreaking has nothing to do with piracy, despite what Apple says. There's been a massive backlash to this JB because of the link to Chinese piracy, which the boys at Evasi0n faced and then reacted to by severing said link, because the JB community is strongly against piracy since it sends the wrong message to outsiders about jailbreaking in general. Those who want to pirate will pirate, and they'll do so with software like iHelper, iLoadr,...
 They said that after iPhone OS 3, iOS 4, 5, 6, and now 7. Every version has been jailbroken, and hopefully the trend will continue. And why are you "looking forward" for that to change? If you aren't a fan of jailbreaking, don't do it. I'm not a fan of coffee, but that doesn't mean I look forward to all the coffee beans in the world disappearing.
 Only it's not, since you've always been able to sideload pirated apps with software like iHelper without jailbreaking. The primary purpose of jailbreaking has, is, and will continue to be for the ability to install software that isn't available through the App Store. Apps like iBlacklist, that allow you to block unlisted/blocked calls, Winterboard for installing custom themes and icons, SBSettings for tweaking the looks and behavior of iOS such as hiding Apple default...
Nice, but it's going to be awhile before I shop at Target again. Had to cancel my card right before Christmas thanks to their sad excuse for account security.
No they didn't. The only hesitation at the time was the high initial price, but that was negated a few months later by price drops, and completely a year later with full AT&T subsidies. After that it was full speed ahead.
The best part about this ad, that captures the joy and meaning of the holidays in one frame? Look closely. See what's missing? Yup.
And people will be hiding behind them instead of enjoying the holiday with their loved ones.Merry Christmas.
Wasn't TSMC supposed to be taking on the lions share of A series production this year? Yeah. I understand many Apple users want Samsung to go away, but TSMC has a lot to do before they're ready to be the major supplier, and wishful thinking won't magically make it so.
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