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You can turn on auto update, ya know. Do that, and the only way you'll be aware up them is by any changes you notice on screen, or articles like this.
Yeah... Cuz it's free. Rocket science? Don't think so.
Eh. I'll just be getting mine from best buy. If history repeats, they'll have them Friday morning as well, and I get reward points plus 45 days to return the thing if for some reason I decide to.
 Probably as much or more than the Mac Pro itself. Basically, like it's predecessor, Thunderbolt 2 is priced too high and as such, just as worthless to the average user. That's ok though, since USB 3 is more than fast enough to saturate any peripheral storage device. The only sorts of devices I was looking forward to seeing that took advantage of thunderbolt were high speed replicator docks and some of the external video card tech that's been teased for the last 4 years,...
Glad they didn't post that ridiculously staged IPhone Release Day video. Ugh that was painful to watch. I've been in a line of people that camped out. They all looked like warmed over hell, not the fresh faced bright eyed and full of wonder bunch we were shown.
Who cares about the number crunching scores? Where are the GPU benchmarks? As far as thinness, where are the side by shots of the old next to the new?
 My black case is holding up nicely, aside from some light fraying up in the top right corner. The other colors are absolutely ugly as sin. As I've said in other posts, I don't know who is deciding on the new color palette, but they need to go back to whatever hell these washed out pastel vomit colors came from. I have the original dark blue leather smart cover on my 3, and it looks simple and classy in the office. Aside from the tan, which is waaaay too light anyway,...
Last year's specs with last year's price point, just like the iPad 2. Only Apple could pull that BS with a straight face.
Weird. Shows up for my 5 but not my iPad 4. Going to try to. Reboot, then detect over LTE, as it seems like that has been working for some.
iPad 2 for the same 399 it's been selling at for a year now? That's ridiculous. It'll keep the margins up for eBay sellers though, so I guess there is a silver lining.
New Posts  All Forums: