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Last year's specs with last year's price point, just like the iPad 2. Only Apple could pull that BS with a straight face.
Weird. Shows up for my 5 but not my iPad 4. Going to try to. Reboot, then detect over LTE, as it seems like that has been working for some.
iPad 2 for the same 399 it's been selling at for a year now? That's ridiculous. It'll keep the margins up for eBay sellers though, so I guess there is a silver lining.
Because ANYONE cares about thunderbolt? No, really, raise your hands if anyone here owns a thunderbolt device. Anyone? No?Besides, if Thunderbolt 2 was worth waiting for, why wasn't it included in the iMac refresh? Hmm? They would have had to delay those, what, a couple of weeks?NEXT!
Ooo software updates. They need to stop showing the audience. People are falling asleep.
That's it? ... Yeah I was right, this retina MBP should have shipped in June alongside the MBA refresh. They were waiting for Mavericks. Looks like no update for the regular MacBook Pro either, or Mac mini, unless it's just going to get a soft refresh.
FREE!!! About time, actually. iOS has always been free except in one case years ago.
My point, "sport," is many of us had our fingers crossed for discrete graphics this time around.
Lol his wife is "Hair Force Two." Love it.
Uh oh, he's talking up integrated graphics. That doesn't bode well for discrete graphics on the 13" rMBP
New Posts  All Forums: