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Rivets? Crud. That's going to make replacing screens a lot harder than current models. Hopefully this is just a prototype.
As for Cook, hey Tim, if you're so worried about analysts looking too much into reports like these from your suppliers, maybe your should release actual sales numbers instead of cooking your books by burying those figures under headphones and adapter cables. Fact is the enemy of speculation. That's fine if sales didn't get off to a great start for one reason or another. Sales of the original iPhone sucked until Steve himself admitted the misstep and dropped the price...
Leaking out info? It's an earnings report! It's not a leak, it's a mandatory thing for any publicly traded company. Yeesh
Because Apple sites like this don't do the exact same thing?Trying to remember one critical article in the last two years..... nope. Not one.
450? 200 in two years? That's some disconnect there between yourself and reality.You can get a 5C for 200 bucks on eBay right now. In two years, you'll be able to sell it for 75-100 depending on condition.
$700? Which version did you buy? The Apple Watch is 549/599, and the Apple Watch Edition is 10,000/12,000.Also, of course the band that costs three times as much is nice. An Audi A8L is a lot nicer than a Honda Accord. Not everyone can afford a $98,000 car, however.
Wow. I really hope you were being sarcastic there. If that's not the case, however, you should be aware that watch bands like these have existed for over a hundred years. The only thing they "copied" were the mounting tabs at the end.
The Air 2 vibrates by design, not defect. Warranty doesn't cover that. Thinness comes with trade offs and that is one of them. Mine vibrates too compared to my previous Air, and the phenomenon has been well documented by reviewers at this point so I don't get the contrarianism his statement is being met with. It's not a deal breaker, it just is. I bought a semi hard silicone back cover for mine and that helped a great deal.
Pretty sure his "redemption" came from reconciling with his daughter and friends like Woz, whom he had burned badly on his downward spiral, not from rebuilding Apple.But hey, if money is higher in your book than morality, sure, what you said.
Love how the Apple apologists blame market analysts for the drop, not Apple for failing to meet expectations. If only you lot extended the same courtesy to every other tech company. Is anyone really bullish about Apple's stock performance in Q4? What product launch are they basing this on, an iterative update to the iPhone, or the EOL update to the iPad Mini? Does anyone seriously think the Apple Watch will be a profit driver at this point after Cook himself buried it in...
New Posts  All Forums: