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Only it's not taking any passenger vehicles off the road, so why make the comparison? This is great and all, but it doesn't remove the 300 some odd cars stopped in front of me while I sit here in traffic. Why not compare it to a coal energy plant? How many of those will this solar farm replace? Or just give me the amount of green house gases and associated pollution this farm will save, and I can make the meaningful comparisons myself. Nevermind, I'll just google it. God...
Not surprising. This thing is more tablet with huge battery than laptop. Not saying that's a bad thing, just is what it is.
Where in anything he wrote was any sort of "Apple hating," and what does any of it have to do with Facebook? There's rabid fanboys, and then there's YOU. Congratulations, I bet you're all sorts of fun.AhemI completely agree regarding autoplaying ad videos. If I'm on wifi, it's annoying. If I'm on my LTE, however, that is chewing into my bandwidth cap and is highly invasive. Facebook gives us the option to disable auto play in their app settings, so if Twitter was to...
Backlighting on white keys is not going to be pretty, and that return key is ridiculous. Why would you shrink the most used key to stupid proportions like that?
Just used it at Subway tonight. It's nice just being able to tap my phone and scan my thumb. More places need to accept it though.
... and? I wonder if it's possible to discuss Apple on its own merits, without comparing it to the competition constantly. "iOS 8 adoption rates remain strong, and is evidence that many device owners are carrying newer hardware that supports it. This is a positive indicator for both the update itself and hardware sales in general." There, is that so painful? Giving positive facts versus laying them out like we're still in high school. Do fanboy egos need to be...
Best Buy already had this deal on Monday.
For one, this needs to be marked as an Editorial. Two: I notice they don't compare smart watches before the Apple Watch. Perhaps it will be more telling if they compared Smart Watch band prices before the Apple Watch, as that is likely the only thing that will change.
The USD isn't appreciating, everything else is depreciating. Still good for the U.S., but don't be giving credit where credit isn't due out of some sense of empty jingoism.
High margin = overpriced. Top analysts just confirmed what others were being attacked for saying yesterday. It's not the watches themselves, but the bands that are ridiculous. Perhaps 3rd party bands can save Apple from itself on this one, but it's going to take time for those to roll out, time the Apple Watch might not have if interest dies.
New Posts  All Forums: