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 What part of the article mentioned gold 64GB SKU's?
History is repeating itself, I guess. Saw this same pattern last year with the 5: Apple was shipping 2-3 weeks out, while anyone walking into an AT&T or Best Buy would be walking out with a new phone 30 minutes later. Seems like they do a better job keeping their partners stocked than their own supply chain.
Garbage. My phone and my tablet aren't PC's, sorry kids. Until they make a tablet that is comfortable to crack out a 30 page research paper on, while batch converting video files and playing Netflix in a small window in the corner, it is most certainly NOT a PC. This is like trying to put my Specialized road bike into the same category as my F-150. Yes, both are forms of transportation, but they aren't anywhere in the same league.
Maybe if they'd released the darn MBP refresh instead of artificially holding it back for the sake of Mavericks, their numbers wouldn't be down.   I know, right? Rocket science.
It doesn't mean anything because the perceptible difference is negligible to most users. They all run apps, surf the net, play movies. Androids do all this for half the price of an iPad in many cases, and that's a lot of money. Since you brought it up, you know what apathy boggles my mind? Why doesn't anyone care that apple charges a hundred dollars more for 15 bucks worth of additional memory? The difference between 16 and 32GB is NOT a hundred dollars. Hell, the...
Don't care. Where's the new rMBP? Mavericks has gone gold, release them already so I can upgrade.
Double standard and corporate favoritism? Naaaaaaaah. He not that kinda guy.
... Ok? Glad to see what CNN considers news-worthy this week. Not like anything else is going on right?
 Uh, I've bought every single Apple product I own from BB aside from my iPhones, and have never had a problem. They have a better return policy than Apple, plus they have this crazy thing called a "Rewards Program" that actually rewards you for shopping there.
Good. Stop stalling and release the rMBP refresh now.
New Posts  All Forums: