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Gee, who saw this going bad? LA Unified is ridiculously in the hole right now, yet they can somehow dig up 30 million to buy kids iPads to abuse? Ok. This is why I'd never live in Cali. I could pay those ridiculous taxes if they actually went to something useful.
And if Apple hadn't successfully argued a patent on a wedge and a bouncing screen, I'd feel bad for them. Patent trolling is a double edged sword.
Too bad they've yet to own up to the defective power buttons on the 4 GSM. Guess what I've repaired two of this week for friends? Yup. It's a 4 dollar part and an hours labor for me. For apple it is a fraction of both, but lying about it is the cheaper course of action.
Tried this today. Didn't work. So much for that.
Hah, now that's funny. GCI is getting them, but their largest competitor, ACS, isn't.
Too bad I have zero interest in the stock models, and as such this does nothing for me. I need a 27" with the i7 processor and 780 GPU, but the standard 1TB drive is fine for me since I'll be upgrading it to a full SSD in a year or so when 512GB drives drop to a more manageable sub $200 price range. Yes removing the screen to get to the hard drive is a pain, but I'm not paying twice as much for Apple's solution.
Great. Now where the hell is the MacBook Pro refresh? Thanks.
Did you buy a dock, case, or other accessory? If so, THAT is what will be arriving today, not your phone.
 If you look, it shows your dock has shipped, not your phone. I'm in the same boat, as my order shows my cases shipped and will arrive on Monday, but phone itself still shows Preparing for Shipment like yours, with estimated delivery between 9/27-10/01. Also, for those looking to track their orders as soon as possible, mine shipped via FedEx, not UPS, so it appears Apple is once again using both carriers, and the reference number was the phone number I used as...
 Oh yeah, forgot that trick. Eh, didn't work for me, on UPS or Fed Ex. Oh well.
New Posts  All Forums: