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You already have a tracking number?
Did anyone get a Preparing for Shipment notification yet? Can't remember how long it took to get one last time I ordered online. Still says Processing Order.
Well got my order in, Ships 1-3 days, delivers Sept 27-30 for Space Grey 16gb and Sept 30-Oct 2 for the Space Grey 32gb. No idea why the two different times but whatever. We'll see what happens from here.
I'd be happy if it just let me set my news feed to "most recent" by default.
Overblown my left butt cheek. If Apple can't meet demand, it's going to face the same headache as last winter during the iMac debacle, times a thousand. What was Cook thinking launching in so many markets at once when stock is so seriously constrained? Whether they eventually buy new phone or not, he's going to tick off a lot of loyal customers, and taking them for granted is NOT how you run a successful business.
"fan droids" couldnt care less, seeing how comparable hardware will be released in months, not an entire year from now, unlike Apple. I've noticed the majority of your posts slam android and iPhone competitors in general, even when they have nothing to do with the topic at hand. That's quite the chip on your shoulder. Should get that looked at, Eric.
And yet, you can reserve a 5S days in advance for the China launch, so it would seem they feel there's enough stock there, just not the rest of the world.
If they're willing to take this kind of speculative hit by not announcing numbers, it would seem as though the truth would earn an even deeper hit. Sad.
Love how you try to tie together the 5c with Apple's colorful past. Look how gutless and lifeless the colors are compared to the original iMac and the Nano. Pastels. Who in gods name in Cupertino is a) so in love with flipping pastels, and b) in charge of color selection? This is literally the ugliest iPhone they've ever built.
S is for "stand in line, suckers. No preorder for you."
New Posts  All Forums: