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"Apple may have experienced a similar, if less severe problem with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Shortly after the launch of the two phones in September 2014, some reports indicated that Apple had underestimated demand for the 6 Plus and was scrambling to re-adjust production accordingly."it's not a matter of "may," Apple did miscalculate demand for the 6 Plus. The difference is they were able to adjust production ratios faster than Samsung could and thus didn't miss out on...
And did YOU stop to think that if it were such, how could Apple possibly roll back so quickly on the matter after the negative reaction? Way to be blinded to reality by your own rabid fandom!
8.4 was a GM release...
For the joy of listening to an inflated ego talk over their requested song, I guess.
I want Zane Lowe to say "ALWAYS ON" and "WORLDWIDE" again. *gasp* They got my request!! Sqeeee!!
Wow. They want $50 for 250MB in Canada. I can get a gig for the same price through Similicious and the SIM card is free with two dollar shipping.
Sounds like terrestrial radio. Talk talk talk sweeper music bumper music sweeper talk talk etc. Exactly why I ditched FM for Pandora.
Oprah comes every year, and her relevance to the tech world is questionable at best. She has a beautiful jet though, I'll give her that.Got a love hate relationship with this gathering. Love that it brings jobs and a lot of cash into the valley, but hate that it makes going out to eat/shop/drive anywhere basically impossible for that entire week. It's also annoying the way some of them think anyone cares who they are, like no one around here isn't used to celebrities in...
Eh, I'm happy with my Pebble Steel. It does what I need it to, looks good with my suit and last 5-6 days per charge. I like the idea of the Apple Watch, but not enough to spend 400 bucks on a band. Maybe I'll look again in the fall after WatchOS 2.0 drops and more third party bands are available.
We said Apple was cheap, not evil. They tried to save a buck, as is the usual for any corporation. In the end, outcry from artists and labels and negative public image with the consumer was deemed more expensive in the long run, so Apple reversed course.Business isn't good or evil, it's just business. Even when one does the "right thing," it's general because some number cruncher showed it would be the cheaper or most beneficial thing in the end.This whole "so and so...
New Posts  All Forums: