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Such a garbage deal when you can get 200 for an iPhone 4 on eBay easily. You have to be beyond lazy to agree to a ripoff of this level.
And if an iPad were a real PC and not a tablet, that headline would mean something.   Cute try though, AI.
"Everyday, more people connect face-to-face on the iPhone than any other phone." Yeah, over Skype. "Powerful" huh? None of these new ads are what I would describe as "powerful." Miss the old, playfully themed ads of Apple's days gone by.
In other words, "waaaaaahh!! Waaaaaaahhhh!! *sniffle* Waaaaaaaaaaahh!!!!"
Oh hey, now Mac users can enjoy the sloppy shooting mechanics and complete BS tacked on at the last minute ending. Awesome. Enjoy, suc- uh I mean gamers!
Actually, all Macbook Pro's are $200 off right now, including both 13" HDD models, and 13" Retina MBP's. With the additional $100 student discount coupon you can get from the website, that's 300 dollars in savings. A 21" iMac is 125 bucks off, the USB SuperDrive is 5 dollars off, and the Lightning Display is 70 dollars off. All of these prices are good through Saturday, so all in all, it's a good couple of days to shop Best Buy.
Maybe they should have thought about the consequences before starting a nuclear war with samsung, huh? You don't get to throw a sucker punch and then whine and play the victim after getting knocked on your butt, sorry.
Uh. Sure it does. I'm a professional in my 30's, so guess how much of a damn I give about flyover gimmicks. Go ahead, guess. Spoiler alert: not. much. Why do I use google maps instead of Apple maps? Easy: businesses I search for actually show up in google maps. Apple maps? Yeah not so much. But oooooo, you can entertain yourself with 3D flyovers while you're lost. Good times. Way better than an accurate and comprehensive list of destinations.
Best Buy is also knocking off an additional 100 dollars for students , which I'd much rather have than a gift certificate to the App Store. Should mention that, AI. 
Boo hoo. At least they are actually licensing the tech, unlike apple which would have patented it and sat on it refusing to share like a greedy toddler. 
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