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It's good enough. Load it into new machines and launch them already. This "waiting for iterative OSX updates" nonsense is getting old.
  You can re-enable wifi after enabling Airplane Mode. This lets you use inflight Wifi, as well as wifi while traveling abroad. It's not new functionality.
Makes sense. This portents well for a Macbook refresh next week, as well as 802.11AC compatibility for the 5S.
Sounds good to me. The latest Lumia is a great phone. If I didn't want to re-buy all the apps I've purchased for iOS, I'd strongly look at switching instead of picking up a 5S next week. The camera alone is like night and day compared to everything else out on the market right now. Fanboys can poo poo all they want, but strong competition is a great thing for consumers, so I hope good things come of this.
  What does anything about this story have to do with any other phone?
As someone who had to replace two iPhone 4's for this very flaw, I can attest to it's existence. That said, at worst it was annoying and inconvenient, and attempting to label it as hazardous for the reasons they describe is ridiculous. That was just some ambulance chasing lawyer's attempt at padding the lawsuit to maximize on any potential award.   My own experiences, plus those of the many others who discuss it in the Apple forums, have me convinced that this was in...
Or does it simply reset the scales to how they were in the beginning, in which Amazon beat the pants off Apple by selling ebooks at market value, instead of price-fixed artificially inflated value? Yeah, I can see how that would be a bad thing. Wait, no I can't.
Five bucks says Mavericks ships with the refreshed MBP line first. Apple is losing a ton on back to school buyers the longer they put it off, and their third parties aren't exactly turning a profit thanks to the deep discounts they've been forced to offer to move excess inventory.
  That's exactly what it is, but since it draws those selections from a very large portion of the iTunes library, it has more variety and diversity so far when compared to Pandora. The like/dislike algorithm also seems to do a better job shuffling in music that I like, while banishing that which I don't.
Well that's too bad. I've enjoyed the relatively ad-free beta period. Will be sad to see it end, but of course I understand why it will and should. Hopefully the pricing on an ad-free plan will be similar to that of Pandora or Songza.
New Posts  All Forums: