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Or does it simply reset the scales to how they were in the beginning, in which Amazon beat the pants off Apple by selling ebooks at market value, instead of price-fixed artificially inflated value? Yeah, I can see how that would be a bad thing. Wait, no I can't.
Five bucks says Mavericks ships with the refreshed MBP line first. Apple is losing a ton on back to school buyers the longer they put it off, and their third parties aren't exactly turning a profit thanks to the deep discounts they've been forced to offer to move excess inventory.
  That's exactly what it is, but since it draws those selections from a very large portion of the iTunes library, it has more variety and diversity so far when compared to Pandora. The like/dislike algorithm also seems to do a better job shuffling in music that I like, while banishing that which I don't.
Well that's too bad. I've enjoyed the relatively ad-free beta period. Will be sad to see it end, but of course I understand why it will and should. Hopefully the pricing on an ad-free plan will be similar to that of Pandora or Songza.
Which is why they need to stop screwing around, and release the Haswell updates already. This is just beyond ridiculous at this point. Mavericks is perfectly stable, stop stalling and release them. Not every product needs fanfare and a huge event for Pete's sake.
Any word on Haswell refresh for Retina MBP's? That's all I care about.
Labor? It takes maybe ten minutes to snap some photos and fill out a quick description. Do the math on how much you're getting paid for those ten minutes if the phone sells for double what best buy is offering. What are your ten minutes worth?
Such a garbage deal when you can get 200 for an iPhone 4 on eBay easily. You have to be beyond lazy to agree to a ripoff of this level.
And if an iPad were a real PC and not a tablet, that headline would mean something.   Cute try though, AI.
"Everyday, more people connect face-to-face on the iPhone than any other phone." Yeah, over Skype. "Powerful" huh? None of these new ads are what I would describe as "powerful." Miss the old, playfully themed ads of Apple's days gone by.
New Posts  All Forums: