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I hope they've adjusted their expectations for the 5S, then, or Verizon is really in for a world of hurt.  
  No, the "big winner" here are consumers, who will now pay fair market value prices on ebooks, not artificially inflated prices set by Apple and it's colluding publishers. While they should make a healthy profit, pricing since Apple began running things has been ridiculous, with new ebooks sometimes selling for as much as their hardback versions. This makes no sense whatsoever, seeing how the production costs aren't even close to the same, nor is the value since it's not...
  You and me both. That they are waiting for Mavericks to be finalized is absolutely infuriating. I'm using Mavericks already, it's nothing worth waiting for. Release the refresh already, Cook. Stop trying to artificially increase the value and market share of your OS update by tying it to new systems. It's such a garbage tactic. 
    You seriously think anything at Foxconn production-wise happens without Apple's express clearance? Dream on. The color of the protective gloves the workers wear most likely had to be cleared by Tim Cook first.   As for your other questions, yes, that's exactly what companies are supposed to do. That's why they have legal research teams on their payroll. Though its highly unlikely they'll find all patents which their product may infringe upon. In most cases, the...
  Disgusting obnoxious pastels? I'm guessing you haven't seen the iPod Nano or Touch line, then.
Can they survive? Sure. Can they prospect at Apple-esque levels? Not if they don't start releasing some bleep bleep products already. A MacBook Air refresh that doesn't even run at the wireless speeds advertised thanks to handicapping at the OS level? Yawn. Next.   Apple is far from doomed, but they need to start putting their money where their mouth is with some tangible products already.
Honestly I'm not in love with the changes. I'm used to swiping left to right to delete, and now it's the opposite. I'm glad they added gesture control, but why in the heck did the reverse a control scheme we've used for years and grown accustomed to? It doesn't add anything, so why? It's the equivalent of switching the brake and accelerator pedals just for the heck of it.
  Because the only company that has business to conduct in the courtroom is Apple, right?   Sorry Jax, but this is probably the only line Apple gets to stand at the back of just like everybody else.
Of course it's ranked low, it's boring and overly self-congratulatory. People want ads about new products, not wordy sentimental pats on the back that feel more like an extension of the California tourism commercials. Everyone knows Apple has nothing really to talk about until the new products drop in the fall, so these are basically filler.   In any case, at least they are better than those god awful Apple Genius commercials. Man those things stunk. Personally I...
A good way to not get burned: don't play with matches in the first place.
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