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Well of course sales are down. They updated the Air line first when what people wanted was an update for the rest of the Macs first. Duh. I'm not dumping 1700 bucks on a retina macbook when a significant update is set to drop in a couple of months. Mavericks is plenty stable. GM this badboy and release the refreshes already.
  Actually, I've found the S4 to be a high quality device that is popular among it's users. It's not my cup of tea, but that doesn't mean it's not perfectly drinkable.
  LOL. Ebay = Black Market. Yeah, ok.
Sweet. I know who I'll be selling my iPhone to when it's time to upgrade in the fall. 
So at the rate they charge, you're paying 719 dollars over 20 months for a phone that retails for 599? Yeah, no. Sorry AT&T, I'm just going to wait until you go back to the early upgrade offer for longtime customers you used to have as soon as you realize market saturation means lower sales year over year.
  Never miss an opportunity to bash the competition, whether it is relevant to the conversation or not. Good little fanboy. Who's a product of corporate brainwashing? You are. Yes you are. Yes you are :-)
I hope they've adjusted their expectations for the 5S, then, or Verizon is really in for a world of hurt.  
  No, the "big winner" here are consumers, who will now pay fair market value prices on ebooks, not artificially inflated prices set by Apple and it's colluding publishers. While they should make a healthy profit, pricing since Apple began running things has been ridiculous, with new ebooks sometimes selling for as much as their hardback versions. This makes no sense whatsoever, seeing how the production costs aren't even close to the same, nor is the value since it's not...
  You and me both. That they are waiting for Mavericks to be finalized is absolutely infuriating. I'm using Mavericks already, it's nothing worth waiting for. Release the refresh already, Cook. Stop trying to artificially increase the value and market share of your OS update by tying it to new systems. It's such a garbage tactic. 
    You seriously think anything at Foxconn production-wise happens without Apple's express clearance? Dream on. The color of the protective gloves the workers wear most likely had to be cleared by Tim Cook first.   As for your other questions, yes, that's exactly what companies are supposed to do. That's why they have legal research teams on their payroll. Though its highly unlikely they'll find all patents which their product may infringe upon. In most cases, the...
New Posts  All Forums: