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Eh. Five bucks says they'll start offering early upgrades to "qualified" customers once their stock rooms begin filling up with unsold units.
Hysterical. I just sold my 13" 2009 MBP for three times on Craigslist what Gazelle is offering. I understand its a wholesale price they list, but that's ridiculous. I imagine they make themselves a healthy profit off the laziness of the average consumer.
That's funny. All the reviews I've read pretty much trashed it. Even GameTrailers only gave it a 7. It would probably be fine if it were anything but a NaughtyDog game. Depressing story, horrible shooting and cover mechanics, etc bog down what could have been a perfect game.
They might as well. Replacing the screen on the 5 is as simple as on the 3G/3GS. Two screws, lift screen, release ribbon cable, reverse same procedure with new screen. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
I'm assuming this new model is thinner thanks to a reduction in the battery size, made possible by the more efficient haswell processor. Can't think of anything else they could have done to thin it up, other than give it the crummy shallow keyboard of the MBA line.
Uh, Sol? They did remove all other Touch lines from the market. The 4th gen was 86'd to make room for this.
You just killed your own argument, Rag. It would have been cheaper for them to just leave all of that in there sans the additional 16GB of memory, according to you. So why, then, did they go this route, which will require a completely separate production line and various different parts like the redesigned back shell? Seems like a lot of overhead for a product that isn't likely to do very well anyway. Like I said in the last article about this, I just bought my little girl...
Hope this means they are cleaning out stock so the non retina MBP line can be completely replaced by the rMBP save for the base model for education store.
  Probably the exact same thing that happens if someone steals your keys/purse/etc? The difference being you can't remote lock/wipe your house keys the way you can a phone.  
There's a punchline here somewhere.
New Posts  All Forums: