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Following Samsung, Microsoft to open mini-stores in Best Buy.     Fixed that for ya.
Too bad they're no good if you custom outfit your MBA with the upgraded ram and CPU so it's actually worth buying.
Nope. The 13" will be getting an Iris-packing CPU which are already on the market, therefor it won't need a discrete GPU. And there is no way Apple would ever go with SLI, it's too glitchy and they already have a problem with graphical issues as it is. A 17" anything at this point is a delusional expectation, as that size was long since discontinued for a reason: minimal demand didn't justify the separate production line.
My guess is because they are being jerks and holding it off until Mavericks is ready. They did the same thing to the Air refresh at the launch of Lion. And pretty much every iPhone update for the last three years. The hardware is ready months before the software, but apple has this thing about pairing the two up, like they're afraid minuscule software updates won't have much impact without a simultaneous hardware update.Yes, I'm bitter about this. I've been waiting 6...
BFD. Where is the refreshed MacBook Pro with retina? It's like Tim hates me personally or something.
Figures. I just bought my mom a 27" for Mother's Day. Oh well. Haswell's biggest boost comes in graphics and power consumption anyway, which means little to a desktop powered by a discrete graphics chip. Real world tests only showed an 8-11% increase over ivy bridge for regular tasks so I don't feel too bad about this. Now had I gotten her MacBook instead, THEN I'd be upset.
Eh. Five bucks says they'll start offering early upgrades to "qualified" customers once their stock rooms begin filling up with unsold units.
Hysterical. I just sold my 13" 2009 MBP for three times on Craigslist what Gazelle is offering. I understand its a wholesale price they list, but that's ridiculous. I imagine they make themselves a healthy profit off the laziness of the average consumer.
That's funny. All the reviews I've read pretty much trashed it. Even GameTrailers only gave it a 7. It would probably be fine if it were anything but a NaughtyDog game. Depressing story, horrible shooting and cover mechanics, etc bog down what could have been a perfect game.
They might as well. Replacing the screen on the 5 is as simple as on the 3G/3GS. Two screws, lift screen, release ribbon cable, reverse same procedure with new screen. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
New Posts  All Forums: