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  And if the world was made up entirely of you, maybe you'd have a point. But it's not, therefore, irrelevant. Putz.
And it was only a month ago that Ai'ers were bashing Walmart and straight talk for doing the same thing. Apparently payment plans suck until Apple offers them, then they're genius and make perfect sense.
Five betas and it was still a buggy mess, requiring a patch barely two weeks after release. I think it's time they go back to square one, because every iteration of iOS is buggier and more battery hungry than the last.
Maybe karma sucks, and Apple should consider writing Xerox a huge check for 30 years worth of unlicensed use of their IP.
  You should have looked at Samsung's Series 9 laptop. It's gorgeous, with build quality on par with Apple's. I bought my wife one for work because she hates OSX, and it's worked wonderfully for her. She wasn't crazy about Windows 8, but after I disabled the "Smart Corner" nonsense and installed Start8, which brings the start button back to the desktop, she couldn't be happier with it.
  It's already here. Prices on 128 and 256gb parts have dropped 30-40% compared pre-black Friday prices. I just picked up a pair of Samsung 840 Pro's for $119, compared to $170 just a month ago. 
  And that might mean something if most of their components weren't proprietary.
  Just saw your post after commenting. I'm seeing the same error on my 5, so I guess it's not just my phone then.
A day after updating to the GM build of 6.1, I started getting "No SIM" errors. At first, rebooting the phone fixed this, but yesterday that stopped working so I did a network settings reset. That seemed to do the trick until this morning when it happened again. This time I did a full restore. So far it's acting normal, but it acted normal for hours/days before throwing up the No SIM error, so we'll see.   Didn't see this in any of 6.1's beta builds, so not sure...
Wait... aren't Tablet's and PC's the same? Didn't I just read AI, as well as a bunch of other AI commenters, try to make that argument all day?   Certainly seems to be a prevalence of short memory here.
New Posts  All Forums: