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  Probably the exact same thing that happens if someone steals your keys/purse/etc? The difference being you can't remote lock/wipe your house keys the way you can a phone.  
There's a punchline here somewhere.
So basically, intel is doing to Thunderbolt what Apple is doing to Lightening.
My stock radio inside my 2011 F-150 has both, though they aren't attached by default. I ran a USB and mini-plug extension cable to my glove box where it connects to and old iPod classic. Out of sight, out of mind, but all of my music is a available at the touch of a button or simple voice command.The trouble third party manufacturers are running into now, which is mentioned in this article, is just how integrated and feature packed the stock units on most modern vehicles...
I really don't care about iOS 7 or OSX 10.9, and I'm sick of new OS updates artificially holding back hardware updates. If they delay the rMBP refresh for the sake of 10.9, I'm going to be one unhappy camper. As for iOS 7, release the stupid beta already and get it out to developers. 6 saw what, 7 betas before GM? Get it out into the real world so we the developers can get the bugs out. That, or move WWDC to May next year and stop stalling.
  To answer your questions in order:   Yes, it really is a certified OEM replacement. Believe it or not, there are businesses that repair Apple products other than Apple itself, and have access to the full distribution line of genuine replacement parts. As for the Chinese knockoffs, those are easy to spot and are usually priced around $29. Not all explode, but hey, buyer beware. For 20 bucks more, I'll take the non explodey real McCoy.   As for your system, I'm thrilled...
  Don't recall the 4S seeing a similar discount last Memorial Day. This, plus all the other iPhone 5 promotions that have been springing up over the last few weeks, sounds like clearing out inventory to me.
lol. Manufacturers LOVE mind sets like yours, Sol. You're just the blank check that keeps cashing out. Meanwhile, ifixit and I continue plucking away and solving our own problems without ridiculously overpriced extended warranties and repair fees.Speaking of battery replacement, this is funny: I can get an OEM replacement for my 2009 MBP 13" for 49 dollars online, and swap it out in about ten minutes. Apple, on the other hand, wants 130 bucks and a day to do the same...
Oddly, yes.
That's the funny thing: the fine print says their service doesn't support tethering or streaming apps like YouTube, Pandora etc, but I've been tethering with TetherMe on a regular basis and I listen to Pandora or Songza in my car almost every day for the past year, and I've never received any warnings or service disruptions.
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