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  Don't recall the 4S seeing a similar discount last Memorial Day. This, plus all the other iPhone 5 promotions that have been springing up over the last few weeks, sounds like clearing out inventory to me.
lol. Manufacturers LOVE mind sets like yours, Sol. You're just the blank check that keeps cashing out. Meanwhile, ifixit and I continue plucking away and solving our own problems without ridiculously overpriced extended warranties and repair fees.Speaking of battery replacement, this is funny: I can get an OEM replacement for my 2009 MBP 13" for 49 dollars online, and swap it out in about ten minutes. Apple, on the other hand, wants 130 bucks and a day to do the same...
Oddly, yes.
That's the funny thing: the fine print says their service doesn't support tethering or streaming apps like YouTube, Pandora etc, but I've been tethering with TetherMe on a regular basis and I listen to Pandora or Songza in my car almost every day for the past year, and I've never received any warnings or service disruptions.
Technically it is unlimited, but after you hit the 5 gig mark they start to throttle you down. That's why I said 5 at 4G speeds, unlimited at reduced speeds after that.
LOL. 65 bucks for one gig of data? LOL.   I pay 45 bucks and get 5 gigs at 4G HSPA+ and unlimited at half that afterwards with StraightTalk. But hey, you do you, AT&T, you do you bro.  
  Price kept me from initially taking the bait on the 13" rMPB, and the promise of improved graphics performance from Haswell kept my wallet in check even after the price drops. As long as the price stays the same after the refresh, I'll be picking one up when the 2013's drop. Not because of the screen though, because of the weight and form factor. The MBA is nice, but that shallow keyboard kills my fingers.
  Uh, what vitriol was that? The only complaint I ever heard from my PC-addicted friends and business associates was "it's too expensive," which to me was a fair complaint because the initial release was damn expensive much like the original iPhone. I think the majority of the industry on both sides of the Apple/PC fence were happy to see the shift towards higher resolution screens because it's caused a similar shift from HP, Sony, and Toshiba. 1080p is rapidly becoming...
I seem to recall voice control functionality existing in android phones at least a year before Siri was released, so the notion anyone stole ip here is a bit silly. If apple holds the patent then it's fair game to go after anyone infringing on it, but to paint this as Samsung once again stealing from Apple's design prowess is a laughable assertion.
80 bucks for piece of metal that reduces performance and does jack to actually protect the phone if you drop it, and AI considers that a "4 out of 5" product? I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous, even for an Apple product.
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