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LOL. 65 bucks for one gig of data? LOL.   I pay 45 bucks and get 5 gigs at 4G HSPA+ and unlimited at half that afterwards with StraightTalk. But hey, you do you, AT&T, you do you bro.  
  Price kept me from initially taking the bait on the 13" rMPB, and the promise of improved graphics performance from Haswell kept my wallet in check even after the price drops. As long as the price stays the same after the refresh, I'll be picking one up when the 2013's drop. Not because of the screen though, because of the weight and form factor. The MBA is nice, but that shallow keyboard kills my fingers.
  Uh, what vitriol was that? The only complaint I ever heard from my PC-addicted friends and business associates was "it's too expensive," which to me was a fair complaint because the initial release was damn expensive much like the original iPhone. I think the majority of the industry on both sides of the Apple/PC fence were happy to see the shift towards higher resolution screens because it's caused a similar shift from HP, Sony, and Toshiba. 1080p is rapidly becoming...
I seem to recall voice control functionality existing in android phones at least a year before Siri was released, so the notion anyone stole ip here is a bit silly. If apple holds the patent then it's fair game to go after anyone infringing on it, but to paint this as Samsung once again stealing from Apple's design prowess is a laughable assertion.
80 bucks for piece of metal that reduces performance and does jack to actually protect the phone if you drop it, and AI considers that a "4 out of 5" product? I'm sorry, but that's just ridiculous, even for an Apple product.
  To be fair, I treat my possessions better than most people treat their own children, and this happened to me within 5 months of purchase. The power button started to lose it's springiness which lead to me having to push harder and harder for it to register, until it eventually failed completely. It was obviously a defect, as I've owned every single iPhone since the 3G and have never experienced nor heard of any other model exhibiting similar problems, but I wasn't upset...
Really? Where? I didn't see ANYONE bragging about a Facebook themed iOS, anywhere. You know what android fans are doing right now? Buying the One or the GS4. Even after it was released on Google Play, no one seemed interested in Facebook Home.
Not very surprising. Facebook is a sputtering brand at this point.
If they can repair it while I wait, that's one thing. If not, then I'd rather they stick with swapping out devices thanks.
That darn memory leak is still an issue, but at least they fixed iCloud login for the Messages app. Everything else seems to be running smoothly so far, but 10.8.4 has been fairly stable from the get-go anyway.
New Posts  All Forums: