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  To be fair, I treat my possessions better than most people treat their own children, and this happened to me within 5 months of purchase. The power button started to lose it's springiness which lead to me having to push harder and harder for it to register, until it eventually failed completely. It was obviously a defect, as I've owned every single iPhone since the 3G and have never experienced nor heard of any other model exhibiting similar problems, but I wasn't upset...
Really? Where? I didn't see ANYONE bragging about a Facebook themed iOS, anywhere. You know what android fans are doing right now? Buying the One or the GS4. Even after it was released on Google Play, no one seemed interested in Facebook Home.
Not very surprising. Facebook is a sputtering brand at this point.
If they can repair it while I wait, that's one thing. If not, then I'd rather they stick with swapping out devices thanks.
That darn memory leak is still an issue, but at least they fixed iCloud login for the Messages app. Everything else seems to be running smoothly so far, but 10.8.4 has been fairly stable from the get-go anyway.
  They didn't purposefully do anything of the sort. The PS3 is difficult to code for thanks to the idiosyncrasies of the Cell processor which powers that console. Sony thought the could release tools that would make the process easier, and developers would initially code for the PS3 and then port to the 360. In reality, developers did the exact opposite.
Only that's exactly the case when the retailer is Apple, who maintains strict control over the prices their products are sold at. No third party retailer can offer a discount or promotion on new Apple stock without Apple's permission.
  Amen. How is this STILL a problem?   I can't login to Messages with my AppleID now either. Fantastic.
I never use speakerphone anyway so no. Not even going to bother with this "update."
Good. Now slot these into the rMBP 13" er's and roll em out by July. I'm tired of sitting on my hands, and I imagine the staff at the local Best Buy and Apple Stores are sick of me playing with their display models and not buying anything.  
New Posts  All Forums: