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You can't get the free trial without subscribing first. Credit card has to be on file etc. You can cancel before the three months are up and not be charged anything, however. This is how companies have offered "free" trials in the past and avoided anti-trust issues, so using that excuse to not pay their content providers is garbage.
The app crashed on me during beta signup a couple days ago, and now won't launch at all. Gonna have to wait until beta 2 drops before I can check it out. Not going to reinstall beta 1 just to listen to radio.
It's an ebook. What else is it supposed to be good for?And my dog chewed up my Kindle Graphite, but that gave me an excuse to upgrade :-)
The issue you mentioned is being addressed in the next software update which will roll out to all devices when the new Paperwhite ships at the end of the month, and is already available on the iOS and Android Kindle apps as well as the Kindle Fire line.As for the kindle being a "joke," I'm on my third one since launch (Original Paperwhite) and I read more now thanks to it than I ever did prior. I travel a lot for work and being able to carry my library with me in a tiny...
Well experiment over. After sitting idle for 7 hours 11 minutes, battery life dropped a whopping 54% That's some serious leakage. Again I blame the new intuitive Siri, and whatever it is she's doing in the background, for this. Writing up my bug report now and hope it's addressed in Beta 2.
That's why you buy them from a reputable source on Amazon or eBay. I've been repairing iPhones for 4 years and have never had a single battery issue. On average, battery life doubles after replacement.
Apple will admit how much of a mistake one port on the new Macbook was when the next version rolls out with at least two. That's about as good of an apology/admission you'll ever get from them, which most will freely accept as they ebay their old one to buy the new one.
I wiped my i6 and did a clean install to see if that improves battery life. Sometimes updating from previous version causes weird memory leaks and hangs that keep background processes chugging away. Resetting network settings usually fixes this, but I wanted to go tabula rasa to be sure. Going to let it sit for 7 hours with screen off and nothing running to see how it does.
 Nope, you're right. It's been there since the S4 at least.
 They were found guilty. It's not "supposed" any longer.
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