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Don't hold your breath, man.
Amazing what happens when you actually give customers what they want instead of what you think they should want.
Verified this today while getting a battery replaced in an iPhone 5. Sadly, no Cellular models yet, just wifi only, and no idea when those would be arriving. Not sure why the cellular models are so sparce this time around, as it hasnt been an issue before. Even the employee I spoke with said its been a strange rollout compared to the past.
Gee, AI sure seems to want folks to know this thing is "fast." Too bad iOS 8 is a pretty big disappointment on any iPad, it apparently just disappoints quicker on the Air 2. Multi user support? True multitasking? Hello? All this speed talk reminds me of the old days of PC versus Mac. Why should I buy a new iPad? Oh because it's "fast." Ok. I thought the software was what separated Apple products from the rest. Kind of hard to make that argument now when my son can do...
If only my bank supported Apple Pay. Oh well.
Look at the very bottom of that chart on top till you find screen resolution. Compare. Apples and Oranges, AI, and misleading headline.
Huh, look at that: Power/Sleep button is still on the top right where it belongs. My current Air is substantially larger than my iPhone 6, and yet I've never had an issue with that placement, unlike the side mount on my 6, which makes screenshots, hard resets, or even just putting the thing to sleep a pain because I'm constantly hitting the volume buttons at the same time.   Guess I'm just "holding it wrong," huh?
And that's about what Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo pay for their E3 booths + keynote presentations, so BFD I guess? Headline may as well read "Apple's Big Expensive Event was Big; Expensive," and then filed under "Duh."
I'd say the fact they had to release a tool to "ungift" the album speaks volumes, given the lack of similar reaction to other free gifts they've bestowed in the past, like the example you gave.
And immediately deleted 25.5 million times. Wonder if they'll release the number of times the tool they released to removed the unwanted album from iTunes libraries?
New Posts  All Forums: