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The first person responsible for your security is you, Newton. Expecting others to do it for you is a setup for disappointment and disaster. If you're putting your card into any unmanned automated card reader, always give the slot a good hard wiggle to make sure it's legit and not a card skimming fake cover. This simple test which I perform every time saved me from getting skimmed at a gas station in Fort Nelson, Canada on a recent road trip. The skimmer snapped off in my...
Every major gas company has a similar additive in their fuel these days. You had one bad experience. Time to move on.
If 8.4.1 does anything besides patch the latest jailbreak, I'll be jaw drop amazed.
Also interesting RE: NyTimes' hit piece on Amazon, it couldn't have anything to do with Amazon releasing their sales figures and completely debunking NYT's statement regarding its refusal to list Ted Cruz's book on its well known and influential Bestsellers list. Nothing like getting called out on an obvious lie attempting to cover up for an even more obvious bias.http://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2015/07/amazon-no-evidence-of-bulk-sales-for-ted-cruz-book-210374.htmlMea...
Have you actually read the article? It's a bunch of publishers and publishers' lawyers throwing a temper tantrum over Amazon cutting into their bottom line if not outright making them obsolete with authors ability to self publish on the ebook and Kindle medium. Boo hoo, poor lawyers.
This requires a walk through? Restore your phone, tap "Restore from iCloud backup," and follow the prompts. Not rocket science.
Meanwhile, I'm still waiting for AT&T to offer wifi calling, which they said would be available with iOS 7. Hey, Ma Bell, iOS 8 launches in two months. Get the lead out.
"Apple may have experienced a similar, if less severe problem with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Shortly after the launch of the two phones in September 2014, some reports indicated that Apple had underestimated demand for the 6 Plus and was scrambling to re-adjust production accordingly."it's not a matter of "may," Apple did miscalculate demand for the 6 Plus. The difference is they were able to adjust production ratios faster than Samsung could and thus didn't miss out on...
8.4 was a GM release...
For the joy of listening to an inflated ego talk over their requested song, I guess.
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