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  This.   He's supposedly an audiophile, yet "detests" add-on speakers? Huh? Even a cheap pair of entry level Creative Labs 2.1 speakers blows the very best set of built in speakers right out of the water in terms of range and frequency response. I'm not wild about clutter either, which is why I have a nice soundbar from Yamaha mounted on the wall behind my 27" monitor, and the subwoofer under my desk. It fills the entire room with rich, clean sound but is barely...
Yeah good luck getting "we do it OUR way" Apple to sign onto that. They're still dragging their heels on NFC adoption in general, let alone it's implementation in something like that.That's really my only beef when it comes to Apple tech: it's ok to use something your eggheads didn't think of, guys. Licensing tech isn't the end of the world.
Well let's see: the stock has been in a relative free-fall since peaking around the release of the iPhone 5, multiple reports of sales, stock, and revenue not meeting expectations, and going on what, 8 months now without a single new product or announcement.   While I feel bad for Cook in that it's true the positives outweigh the negatives, and that this wouldn't be a problem if it were any other company and not Apple, it's not any other company and it IS Apple. Fair...
These pieces are starting to sound more and more like excuses than actual news articles.
The only funny part was when Hurley kept getting snubbed like he wasnt even there. The rest was garbage. And where was PC? Mac isn't funny without PC.
Ah ok thanks.
So apple went from 80% to 63%? Did I read that right?
It's too bad. I LOVED the heck out my Samsung NC10 because it was so easy to carry around, had a long battery life, and was a fully functional computer. I finally had to give it up because it's Atom processor couldn't handle the newer webpages I need for my business, and I'd already become reliant on my 13" MBP for most things by that point.   The iPad is great and all, but it doesn't fully replace my netbook, even with a keyboard accessory because navigating it's OS...
  They should have settled a long time ago, when 3M publicly admitted that those older indicators were prone to false positives when kept in a humid environment. They also need to drop their policy of denying service if even one of the indicators shows pink. If the phone stops working, and the internal indicator is pink, then they have a case, but denying service just because one of the two exterior indicators shows pink? Ridiculous.
  Lord you haters amaze me sometimes. Can't just comment on an Apple story AS an Apple story. Have to turn it around and get a dig or two at Android.   And if your customer was too stupid to reflash his phone to the stock ROM before bringing it in, he's a moron and deserves what he gets. You think I don't restore to factory anytime I bring in my phone for something? I can see it now, being turned away and denied a repair/replacement on my iPhone with the sticky power...
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