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  Lord you haters amaze me sometimes. Can't just comment on an Apple story AS an Apple story. Have to turn it around and get a dig or two at Android.   And if your customer was too stupid to reflash his phone to the stock ROM before bringing it in, he's a moron and deserves what he gets. You think I don't restore to factory anytime I bring in my phone for something? I can see it now, being turned away and denied a repair/replacement on my iPhone with the sticky power...
The weight has never been an issue for me, but I wouldn't mind one with a thinner bezel, like the iPad Mini has. Just seems like so much wasted space.
GOOD! I normally side with the company on these sorts of disputes, but those first gen water intrusion stickers were garbage. The mic went out on my 3GS a few months after I bought it, and Apple refused to replace/repair it under warranty because the sticker in the headphone port showed pink. Now, I take better care of my electronics than most people do of their children, so I knew this was complete BS. After arguing back and forth for a week with different tech/customer...
If only T-Mo offered service in my area. Oh well.
  So basically, you'd put the "dic" in "Dictator?" Good to know. Glad you're not my boss.
Just wanted to point out to folks who seem confused:iPhone 4/4S uses a micro SIM.iPhone 5 uses a Nano SIM.
Ya know Rag, when you try to beat them to it, it becomes sort of a self fulfilling prophecy.   And my only complaint with iOS is that last part you mentioned: It's stale. Not the UI, the OS itself and it's functionality. There is a lot that Android clearly wins at when it comes to innovation, and I would really like to see Apple try some new things and shake it up a bit. You know what I miss about the early days of the iPhone? That "wow" factor. When you pulled one out...
Uh huh. This from the company that autocorrects "gave" to "have" and "do" to "so" because it somehow thinks it knows better than me what word I meant. Excuse me if I doubt the reliability of this system.
"Understated?" Hardly. Audio Technicas are understated, plus cheaper and better. I have a hard time taking serious any review that used a highly compressed audio source like Spotify instead of a lossless source like FLAC or Apple's own lossless encoding. High end headphones are meant to put out a wide spectrum of rich sound. If all you're doing is listening to Spotify, a 50 dollar pair of Skull Candy cans from Walmart is all you'll need. As for knocking their use of...
  Actually, yeah. They might not update the entire line all at once, but the MBP and MBA models are usually updated to the latest chips as soon as Intel releases them. In fact, Apple is rumored to get the pick of the litter when it comes to batches.
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