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Everyone that owns a Galaxy Note, which I'm seeing more and more of in my profession. Doctors love them because it's easy to look at X-rays and other images. Admins love them because they can display entire documents bad spreadsheets with minimal amounts of scrolling or zooming.Whether some people want to admit it or not, the market for iPhone-sized displays is becoming saturated. They don't have to replace the entire lineup with larger screens, just give consumers the...
  Story is on the JB groups blog. Something about the way they changed the file structure on the ATV3 makes this exploit useless.
  Sort of how AI and much of it's users view anything Microsoft/Windows/PC and Android-related, eh?
  1. Yes. Brick and Mortar Apple stores seem to be having the same stock issues as online. You can order them instore, but the wait time is about the same as just ordering online.   2. Yes, it's really because of supply quality. If it were demand exceeding supply, the Mac division wouldn't have seen a double digit drop in sales last quarter.
$2,600 bucks... absolutely ridiculous. Why can't they just release a 13" MBP with the new slim body, but keep that retina nonsense and just use the higher res screen from the MBA's? I just want a thinner, lighter model that travels better than my 2009 MBP, but doesn't have the shallow keyboard of the Air that kills the fingers of this old typist. Is that so much to ask? Upgraded screens used to be an option at checkout, so why don't they just make those retina displays an...
Or it's just that iOS users surf the web from their devices more than Android users?   Pretty weak angle, AI.
Oh come off it, J rag. That was funny for anyone that doesn't have a chip on their shoulder or a stick up their keister.
  Or they're trying to burn off six months worth of surplus parts that were meant for the now defunct iPad 3.
Yes, because no one but Apple could get away with charging 300 dollars more for 30 dollars worth of increased memory.
And we have what proof, exactly, that any of these retailers pay commission at all, let alone a higher commission for Samsung over Apple phones? Oh yeah... none. Please, don't let that stop you all though from speaking like you know anything on the matter. Having worked in the telecom and retail industry, I know all carriers in my state pay nothing for handset sales. What they incentivize, however, are accessory sales. Chargers, cases, screen protectors etc. Brand of the...
New Posts  All Forums: