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If only T-Mo offered service in my area. Oh well.
  So basically, you'd put the "dic" in "Dictator?" Good to know. Glad you're not my boss.
Just wanted to point out to folks who seem confused:iPhone 4/4S uses a micro SIM.iPhone 5 uses a Nano SIM.
Ya know Rag, when you try to beat them to it, it becomes sort of a self fulfilling prophecy.   And my only complaint with iOS is that last part you mentioned: It's stale. Not the UI, the OS itself and it's functionality. There is a lot that Android clearly wins at when it comes to innovation, and I would really like to see Apple try some new things and shake it up a bit. You know what I miss about the early days of the iPhone? That "wow" factor. When you pulled one out...
Uh huh. This from the company that autocorrects "gave" to "have" and "do" to "so" because it somehow thinks it knows better than me what word I meant. Excuse me if I doubt the reliability of this system.
"Understated?" Hardly. Audio Technicas are understated, plus cheaper and better. I have a hard time taking serious any review that used a highly compressed audio source like Spotify instead of a lossless source like FLAC or Apple's own lossless encoding. High end headphones are meant to put out a wide spectrum of rich sound. If all you're doing is listening to Spotify, a 50 dollar pair of Skull Candy cans from Walmart is all you'll need. As for knocking their use of...
  Actually, yeah. They might not update the entire line all at once, but the MBP and MBA models are usually updated to the latest chips as soon as Intel releases them. In fact, Apple is rumored to get the pick of the litter when it comes to batches.
  Uh, what? I'm looking at the Apple website right now, and that model is listed at $1,499, with Best Buy offering it at $1,329 in store. Was this a typo, or does AI just not give a damn about accuracy anymore?
  That's what I thought too. I'll probably get a Mini, but not until it is upgraded to a retina display and the CPU/GPU brought up to current specs. I don't see much point in buying something that's going to choke on high end apps within 6 months.
I wasn't aware anyone actually used this app.
New Posts  All Forums: