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  Hardly. Everyone who jailbreaks does so with the knowledge they are circumventing Apple's wishes, and I've never met personally, nor read comments from in any forums, a jailbreaker who blamed Apple for any glitches encountered after the jailbreak. What they do blame Apple for, however, is the NECESSITY to jailbreak in the first place. Case in point: if I purchase an unlocked iPhone, the damn cellular data settings menu should be accessible by default. That they tie that...
  Hasn't this always been the case? I don't know what's up with iMessage lately, but half of what I write for the last week and a half end up being sent as text messages.
Christ on a stick, an 8th beta now? Come on Cook, shit or get off the pot already. How many betas of iOS 6.1 and 10.8.3 are you going to dangle about until both go GM? This is getting ridiculous.
Except the WD Live box. And the base model TiVo. And the various Roku boxes. Basically all set top boxes that offer the same features of that AppleTV, plus many it doesn't. So, ya know, there's those.
And yet there are several companies and private individuals who make millions every year accurately doing just that, so I guess what Tim is really saying here is "anyone that tries to see through my double speak is a fool." Yeah, ok.
Those 13" MBPr's are still ridiculously overpriced, even with discount. I honestly wish they made a model with the MBA's screen, because all I want is a lighter, thinner MBP with a decent processor that doesn't suffer from the knuckle-bruising shallow keyboard of the MBA.
"Allegedly" my butt, they've got the documents and emails proving that's exactly what he did. I hope the DOJ gets in on this, and makes an example out of every company involved in this little pact. It's despicable, and they should all be ashamed.
  Nikkei published an identical report, which turned out to be true. How the market interpreted the facts in that report is on the market, not WSJ or Nikkei. 
  Because that's what they do: build you up just to tear you down later. It's happened to everyone, from Sony to Samsung to Sears, and now it's Apple's turn on the spit.
Or they just sold old stock that was sitting around on hand. Sales were non-existent before the launch of the 5, as everyone was waiting for the reveal to see if it was worth it, or the price drops on current models if it wasn't. Because of this, there was a lot of surplus 4 and 4S's sitting around in back rooms going into September. While they may count as sales for the carriers, phones shipped out in Q3 won't do much for Apple's Q4.
New Posts  All Forums: