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Local Best Buy has had the 21 inch since they were announced. Not a huge seller, according to their Apple guy. Previous model is doing great though, thanks to it's discounted price. They sold out of remaining stock quickly. 27" has only been stocked twice, and even then only a couple units of the base configuration. All were sold to corporate accounts before they even hit the floor. Production company, he believed. No word on restock schedule.
Murdoch had nothing to do with the hacking scandal, which is why no charges have been filed against him.And it wasn't just the WSJ that reported those numbers, and that's a matter of record.
Another day, another apologist article from AI. Guess we will find out tomorrow whether or not the sell off was premature, now that the market has had the weekend to think about it.
This is ridiculous. I get the feeling Apple is just stalling the release because they know 6.1 has already been jailbroken. Not like it really matters, as 6.1 doesn't bring anything substantial anyway. Siri integration in Fandango? Uh.. wow.
  Good luck with that. The market rises or falls based on those predictions. Hell, the Futures Market is based on predictions.
  You have sales charts to back this up?
  Why? Their return policy is double that of Apple's, plus you get incentive points for every dollar you spend there, whereas Apple has no buyer loyalty reward program whatsoever. If you have any problems with your Apple purchase, you can still take it to the Genius Bar at any Apple store, regardless of where you purchased it from.
  But that doesn't make sense. Why would they place higher stocking priority on 3rd party outlets, with their lower profit margin per unit sold, over their own in house stores? Again, Cook is supposed to be this wiz logistics guy, so why can't he keep his own online/b&m stores stocked?
  What's disturbing to me about this debacle is Tim Cook's much lauded claim to fame was his status and skill as "the logistics guy." This is three launches now under his watch that have been unable to meet demand because the production process just wasn't ready. He can blame anyone he wants, but if he was truly the "logistics guy" everyone says he is, this nonsense should have been nailed down before these products went on sale.
  Do you ever have anything to contribute to the conversation besides your tongue in cheek "Apple is doomed" nonsense? Maybe it was funny a couple months ago, to god knows who, but now it's just gotten ridiculous. We get it, you're a master of dry sarcasm. Accept this slow clap, and change up the routine.
New Posts  All Forums: