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This is such a BS fine. It's the software equivalent of suing McDonalds because they don't offer Whoppers or Frostees. In that same token, why isn't Apple being sued for pre-loading Safari onto every Mac they sell? Or every iOS product, for that matter, as you can't even set third party browsers as default on your iPhone or iPad. Both the stupidity, as well as the hypocrisy here, just make the EU look more ridiculous than it already does.
Wish this were coming to Ford, as I rely on my Sync system exclusively and rarely take my eyes off the road anymore thanks to it's voice control functionality. Seeing how Sync is a Microsoft product, though, I don't see that happening. Oh well.
That's the absolute LAST person anyone serious about the music industry should be meeting with. I hope this is just a rumor.
  I upgraded simply because I live in a market with LTE. If not for that, I'd still be carrying around my 4S because that extra inch of screen real estate makes not a difference in the world.
Why? What has changed since the 5 was released that a minor update is required this soon? Sorry, but this rumor is stupid. People are already going to be upset enough when the iPad 5 is announced in the coming weeks.
I have to assume that when they say "leak" they mean the app releases or utilizes personal information in manner not described or expected based on the apps stated purpose and functionality.   Saying "yes" to an app that accesses my contact list is one thing, but quite another if it then takes that list and then makes it available to the developer or other third party entities I did not give permission to.   The question to ask here is why does iOS appear to be...
Eh. Pretty ok with my iPad 4 so I think I'll skip this cycle. Only reason I upgraded from the 3 to the 4 was to cut back on the number of adapter cables I had to carry when traveling. Seems like each revision is less impressive than the last with these things lately, so other than a new back that looks like the iPad mini, I'm not expecting any real changes here in the new model.
That's nice. They also said they had "no plans" on selling the iPhone right up until they announced they were selling the iPhone. These statements aren't worth the cheap plastic keys they're tapped out on.
  If all those rumors surrounding the Galaxy S4 turn out to be true, with unlock via facial recognition and smart scrolling controlled by eye movement, the S is going to be for "Stagnant" as in what the iPhone has become with each revision. Maybe I'm greedy, but I miss the days when the iPhone was the trailblazer, and everyone else played catchup. Judging by recent stock behavior, apparently the investors agree with that feeling. I really hope Tim has something more than...
  Nexus 7 = $199.99 iPad Mini = $329.99   $329.99 - $199.99 = $130.00   $130.00 /= "a couple of dollars."
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