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  3G -> 3GS -> 4 -> 4S -> 5 -> 5S   How is that odd? Seems right in line with their naming pattern thus far.
That launch was a bit of an mess. An awkward mess, to be specific. I don't know who planned out that live event, but they need to be fired. I like some of the new software features introduced with the S4, but I'm not in love with the hardware. I was hoping they'd go the aluminum route this time like Apple and HTC, but for some reason they are just dead set on that cheap plastic nonsense. Speaking of the HTC One, what a beautiful phone hampered by a horrible camera. I...
  Done for all my devices. The only reason I jailbreak is for SBSettings, because I love having screen brightness, Airplane mode, Wifi and BT toggle among other things just a simple swipe away. If Apple would just copy that functionality instead of making me go through layers of settings menus, I'd be one happy user.
Good thing I saved my SHSH blobs locally, and can restore to 6.1.2 anytime I want. Thanks, TinyUmbrella.
  1. Which probably played a large role in shipping times beginning to improve, but otherwise this has nothing to do with my point so why mention it?   2. Which you'd only notice if you tried to order from Apple's online store. Best Buy, MacMall, and even Apple's retail stores had plenty in stock, including at least one build of the 27" model. You're correct about custom orders still being an issue, but I'd like to see the ratio between stock and custom orders before I...
  Ok I laughed at that. I've noticed the same thing from a few commenters here, but you're the first to point it out.
  Ok. Which significant ways?
Shouldn't the title of this article be "Two Developers from the UK Prefer Apple's iOS Maps SDK over Google Maps?"   I'm glad there are those who feel it is easier to program for, but on the user side, it still has a long way to go. It's gotten better from initial release, but I still rely on Google Maps, something that was reinforced yet again this weekend when Apple maps couldn't do something as simple as distinguish between "Ohio Gulch ROAD" and "Ohio Gulch DRIVE,"...
I'm assuming after looking over these charts that when they say "Mac sales," they mean ALL Macs, including the MBP and MBA line, which have seen significant price cuts recently. Considering iMacs have been instock at most BnM stores, both Apple and third party since January, I think it's fair to say those price cuts probably play a huge role in this surge. Of course no one wishing to stay in Apple's good graces wants to report that, as it directly implies lowering rMBP...
Wait, the new models use Sandisk? F that, Sandisk is garbage. Their SSD's have a horrible fail rate. Sounds to me like buyers have another reason to pick up the older model.
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