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Shouldn't the title of this article be "Two Developers from the UK Prefer Apple's iOS Maps SDK over Google Maps?"   I'm glad there are those who feel it is easier to program for, but on the user side, it still has a long way to go. It's gotten better from initial release, but I still rely on Google Maps, something that was reinforced yet again this weekend when Apple maps couldn't do something as simple as distinguish between "Ohio Gulch ROAD" and "Ohio Gulch DRIVE,"...
I'm assuming after looking over these charts that when they say "Mac sales," they mean ALL Macs, including the MBP and MBA line, which have seen significant price cuts recently. Considering iMacs have been instock at most BnM stores, both Apple and third party since January, I think it's fair to say those price cuts probably play a huge role in this surge. Of course no one wishing to stay in Apple's good graces wants to report that, as it directly implies lowering rMBP...
Wait, the new models use Sandisk? F that, Sandisk is garbage. Their SSD's have a horrible fail rate. Sounds to me like buyers have another reason to pick up the older model.
Not mentioned in this article is the major downside to the new supersized video and picture posts: Ads are now GINORMOUS and in your face to the point of humorously so. I've been test running the new layout all afternoon and it's ridiculous. If you were bothered by the sponsored posts before, oh boy are you in for some fun times now.
  And that's where this lost credibility. Sorry, John, but I stopped trusting your word after one too many complete BS statements on TWiT.
  EXACTLY! Everyone who continues to argue that APPL is extremely undervalued needs to reread the above, and remember the market rises or falls based on how investors perceive a company WILL perform down the road, not how it has performed or is performing. The price has been hovering in the low to mid 400's because the market is waiting to see if Apple will remain Apple, now that the last of Steve's products have shipped. They need to release something new, innovative,...
  Day? Try last few months, Sol. I've owned my current stock since 1997, so it's all gravy to me at this point since I'm not dumb enough to keep something so volatile in my retirement portfolio, but Apple is Tim's to lose, and so far I'm not exactly heartened by what I've seen or heard of his tenure in the big office. The market, it would seem, agrees with me, which is why he needs to shit or get off the pot already, as my grandpa loved to say.
  I agree, which was my basic point: if they are going to be tight lipped like Apple under Jobs, then be tight lipped and stop letting useless bits like this leak. If they are going to be more open about new products, though, they need to actually be OPEN about them. This straddling the fence nonsense is getting old.
That's nice. How about announcing some of those products so we can share in your optimism because we're kind of tired of watching our stock holdings yoyo on a daily basis, or otherwise just keep quiet until you actually have something to talk about?
This is such a BS fine. It's the software equivalent of suing McDonalds because they don't offer Whoppers or Frostees. In that same token, why isn't Apple being sued for pre-loading Safari onto every Mac they sell? Or every iOS product, for that matter, as you can't even set third party browsers as default on your iPhone or iPad. Both the stupidity, as well as the hypocrisy here, just make the EU look more ridiculous than it already does.
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