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  What's disturbing to me about this debacle is Tim Cook's much lauded claim to fame was his status and skill as "the logistics guy." This is three launches now under his watch that have been unable to meet demand because the production process just wasn't ready. He can blame anyone he wants, but if he was truly the "logistics guy" everyone says he is, this nonsense should have been nailed down before these products went on sale.
  Do you ever have anything to contribute to the conversation besides your tongue in cheek "Apple is doomed" nonsense? Maybe it was funny a couple months ago, to god knows who, but now it's just gotten ridiculous. We get it, you're a master of dry sarcasm. Accept this slow clap, and change up the routine.
Or you could just go to bestbuy.com, where they are all in stock and shipping immediately. What is up with the Apple Store lately? 3rd party suppliers are doing a better job keeping things in stock than they are.
  It's more about medical law than medical technology. There are state and federal laws that prevent scenarios like the one you mention. Even if I were to request a patient's charge be emailed from their previous doctor, I must get written permission from that patient first. This is usually handled with a section of the form they fill out when they first come to see me, but it is still required nonetheless. Even as a medical professional, I wouldn't sign away my records...
  All the doctors I know who are tech savvy use Galaxy Notes, as the screen is large enough for looking at pictures and scribbling in notes with the included stylus, but small enough to be taken everywhere when not in the office. Plus it's a phone, so they don't have to bring along a separate gadget. Personally I use a fully sized iPad, but I prefer the larger screen and already carry around a notebook sized leather binder anyway, so the size isn't an issue for me.
  Everyone knows the 2008 crash was due the market tanking, not AAPL. All stocks took a massive hit back then, so no one blamed Jobs. It's a much, much different situation now, where a large part of the nosedive is attributed directly to Cook's leadership. If he wants to turn things around, he needs to show that 2013 is the year of innovation, and not litigation. If he put half as much energy into launching into new markets like TV as he does into suing Samsung and...
  Shorting stock is only profitable if a FEW people do it, Skil. Once all the kids start doing it, it's no longer cool.
  Hardly. Everyone who jailbreaks does so with the knowledge they are circumventing Apple's wishes, and I've never met personally, nor read comments from in any forums, a jailbreaker who blamed Apple for any glitches encountered after the jailbreak. What they do blame Apple for, however, is the NECESSITY to jailbreak in the first place. Case in point: if I purchase an unlocked iPhone, the damn cellular data settings menu should be accessible by default. That they tie that...
  Hasn't this always been the case? I don't know what's up with iMessage lately, but half of what I write for the last week and a half end up being sent as text messages.
Christ on a stick, an 8th beta now? Come on Cook, shit or get off the pot already. How many betas of iOS 6.1 and 10.8.3 are you going to dangle about until both go GM? This is getting ridiculous.
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