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  You take joy in the perceived suffering of anyone who disagrees with or has different tastes than you, yet you feel they are the ones suffering from certain mental health issues.   You're a special kind of broken, aren't you?
Makes sense. The old panels look downright archaic next to the current iMacs.
You forgot to mention the 50 dollar shipping charge. I wouldn't exactly consider any of this a "deal."
Hopefully this means the next refresh will dump the old formfactor completely, and the lowest priced model will be a slim without the overpriced retina display. Just give me the slim chassis with the updated screen found in the MBA, and I'll be happy.
Hardcore Apple users? Not so much, judging from some of the comments posted daily here.
Lol way to put that massive American tax credit to good use, mark. God forbid you invest domestically.
What are you talking about? Industry consensus is June for Haswell rollout, which is right in line with the usual June-July MacBook refresh window.
Does anyone actually use the panorama feature? I played with it a couple times back during the beta, but haven't touched it since.
Uh. What? Apple ads are NOTORIOUS for "mentioning" their competitors.
That's a gorgeous phone, but I'm a bit dubious about the camera being everything they say it is. I want to see some side by side comparison images before I make any judgements. Love that screen though. This is what I've been wanting the iPhone to evolve into since the disappointment that was the 4S. As for people complaining about no stated battery life, I'm not too worried about it seeing how I can't get through the day without plugging my 5 in at least twice, once in...
New Posts  All Forums: