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  Trouble is, I can delete other folders. I can't delete Newsstand.
  It's been like that for days.
  Limited supply.   I looked at getting the 27" model, but after spec'ing it high enough to be a useful replacement for my current desktop, I was sitting at $2,499.00, not including a RAM upgrade. Which, btw, 200 bucks for 40 dollars worth of RAM, Apple? The hell do you think you're kidding? Anyone who says the "Apple Tax" is a myth, yeah, Exhibit A, right here. Anyway, gorgeous screen, gorgeous design, only complaint I've heard is lack of physical drive which I don't...
Not bad. After going through visual options, turning sidebar back on, and getting rid of the icons in favor of list view it's actually useable. Perhaps it's because of my familiarity with DOS, but I've always preferred list view over icons. My brain doesn't organize in icons, so it all looks like a jumble mess to me.   Anyway, seems to be loading faster, and that annoying lag that was prevalent everytime I plugged in my iPhone or iPad seems to be gone completely,...
I'd be happy if it allowed me to sync my devices to one account, not just one computer. Sometimes I like to do crazy things like update my music, videos and podcasts on the road, not just while I'm home. Because of this, I have to use my MacBook for everything. I understand why Steve did this years ago, but with iCloud and music match, this artificial restriction no longer makes any sense. Remove it, make our lives easier, and lose nothing in the process.
Which is something I appreciate, because Apple's new "signature required for EVERYTHING" policy is ridiculous. A computer or iPhone I understand, but a lightning cord? Missed the guy three times and eventually had to go to the hub after work and pick it up, which took an hour thanks to some snafu on their end. Someone on another site clued me in to the option of pre-signing, which Apple doesn't advertise very well, so in the future it shouldn't be a problem, but man was I...
They're also taking 60 dollars off iPad 4's at best buy, plus 150 bucks off MacBooks, which beats the pants off Apple's ridiculous Blaxk Friday "sale."
Huh. If supply is so tight, how is it that all AT&T retail stores in Alaska have had all colors and capacities of the 5 in stock since the second week of October, likewise our one Apple retail store? I'd like to think we're special and all, but usual when it comes to stock we are the last to get anything.
Probably 20 dollars, If that. Best Buy has them for 60 dollars off all day Friday though, online and in store. 150 off MacBook Pro's and Airs as well.
  Relatively Undervalued? According to whom? The market sets the value, and according to the market, Apple was over-valued, not under.
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