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Wait. Didn't Apple just BUY a fingerprint tech company? What do they need these guys for?
What, because the king of Zuck couldn't afford to buy his own? This sort of nonsense makes me sick.
  Not very, as it speaks to his ego and need to feel in control at all times. But that was Steve.   Also, if you follow their weird relationship from start to finish, they did this sort of thing to each other over the course of decades. You could write an Odd Couple'esque comedy out of the whole weird affair.
Seems to me like Apple is moving away from 4:3, seeing how the iPhone 5 as well as the new iPod touch are both 16:9. Make more sense for the mini to continue that and be 16:9 as well.
If Amazon had called it "The Apple App Store," or "The IOS App Store," they might have a point. But this, this is like Walgreens Drugstore suing Hewitt Drugstore for false advertising, since people might be confused by "drugstore." Apple has to prove without a shadow of a doubt that people are morons, and can't tell the difference between Amazon and Apple. This is like parking an S1500 next to an F-150, and then trying to stump people by asking them to point at the...
  Funny. To me, it sounds like a "store" from which you can purchase "apps" from, which is exactly what it is. What exactly is deceptive about that?
Yes, but considering THIS happened there as well, does anyone really give a damn about China's opinions currently?   http://www.infowars.com/man-crushed-by-road-flattening-truck-on-orders-of-chinese-officials/
Interesting. My local Best Buy, closest AT&T location, and corporate Apple store all had stock yesterday when I went around trying to find a damn lighting USB cable, of which supply is truly limited. Would be nice to charge my phone in my car and at the office without having to carry a cable around with me between home and office every day.
You are correct. She's divorced but kept the name since that is what she released her first album under and is known by.Glad you like her music. Play it for your friends and spread the love.
  My "perfect" product will remain perfect, because it went out of the box and straight into a case, with a Zagg screen protector installed.   As for your snark, though you might not be one of them, many expect a brand new and flawless product when they pay a brand new and flawless price. A ding is understandable, as long as a proportionate discount is applied.
New Posts  All Forums: