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Seeing how the hackers got in using an exploit that evidentially at least some Macs have, it may as well have been. If other macs weren't vulnerable, I doubt Apple would be pushing this malware tool now, would they?
If Google can release retina level panels in their 199 Nexus 7 tablets, and Amazon can so the same in their 249 Fire HD tablets, I'm not understanding why Apple can't do likewise in their 329 iPad mini. Sorry but the math isn't adding up.
  Two points here, just for clarification:   1) The PS3 was a very slow mover overall until the first revision, which removed backward compatibility, built in card readers, and the ability to install Linux, all for the sake of lower the cost to a level the average gamer was willing to pay. For about two years after that, the PS3 easily outsold the 360, in no small part due to the fact that back then, the PS3 was also the cheapest BluRay player on the market, so it was a...
The high price of the console, plus the required proprietary memory cards, saddled with a lackluster launch library with only one game worth buying (Uncharted) is what really did the Vita in. Keep in mind that the 3DS was in similar shape at this point after it's launch. It wasnt until after a drastic price cut, as well as the launch of several first party games that should have been available from the start, that things turned around. Now it's the best selling console...
You're the only one I ever hear "Apple is doomed" from, Rag. Repeatedly, like the same bad joke told by an elderly relative every thanksgiving, year after year. Find a new schtick already.
Inexpensive? You're joking, right? Your definition of "inexpensive" is vastly different than mine.Do none of you know how to fix your own hardware? I've had one issue with my MacBook. Half the screen stopped working about a year ago. Apple Genius wanted 300 dollars to fix it. Price of replacement panel: 109 bucks on eBay. Time to replace panel myself: an hour, maybe.You all have essentially admitted you're ok plunking down hundreds of dollars to compensate for your own...
The more AI pushes AppleCare plans, the more I worry about A) what they know about Apple's quality control that I apparently don't, and B) how big of a cut they are getting for every plan they help sell. This is getting ridiculous. Best Buy doesn't try this hard to sell extended warranties.
I'd rather they devote that 45 billion into lowering the cost of their products, personally. Even if you own a hundred shares, you're not exactly banking a large profit here, so it's a token gesture at best.
  It's also important to note that: 1) This exploit is targeted only at those devices running iOS 6.0.1 and 6.1. Most jailbreakers are still running the GreenP0ison jailbreak on iOS 5.0.1 and earlier.       They'll catch up, give them time. Most people initially taking advatage of evasi0n are using iPhone 5's, iPad Mini's, and iPad 4's, which until now couldn't be jailbroken at all. How large a slice of the iOS ecosystem do those make up?   2) 7 million is still 7...
  It took years for the MBA's price to drop, not months.
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