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  Sort of like Apple and their Lightning connectors, huh?
Might explain why the 5 is launching among smaller carriers much faster than previous models. I mean who saw Straight Talk offering it? The 4, sure, but the 5? Getting tired of all the "finally in stock" mentions as well. All the brick and mortar stores in Alaska were fully stocked with all colors and capacities two weeks after launch, so availability wasn't exactly an issue for this product cycle assuming other states had their shit equally together as the frozen...
Really wanted one of these but a configuration that would be powerful enough to replace my desktop was priced at $2,499, and that's not including upgraded memory, which I would do myself since Apple charges a $100 premium for god knows why.
  Amen. According to the Apple support forums I've plowed through trying to figure out a better way of doing this, access to the Cellular Data control panel in Settings is dictated by the network SIM inserted, which gives the networks control over it. It's the same software mechanism that allows or locks hotspot functionality and FaceTime over cellular. I can understand this for locked phones on contract, but on unlocked phones this is complete, inexcusable BS. The same...
How did you get MMS and Data working on ios6? My nephew is still using jailbroken 5 because you have to have access to cellular data settings to change the APN to straighttalk's settings, otherwise MMS won't work.
  They also use T-Mobile, which includes T-Mo partners.
  I was comparing cost, not contents. Anyone who considers two dollars and fifty cents to be "expensive" obviously is not part of Apple's target demo.
  $3.99 off Amazon/$2.50 off Monoprice is "expensive?" ....k How much do TB cables cost, again?
At least this article confirms the spec bump is hardware based, not software. The original press release did say to expect products which support the spec bump to arrive around Q2 of this year, however, which is a far cry from your stated "next year." Makes sense, since that's the same time frame as the Haswell rollout. Somehow I doubt Apple products will be carrying the upgraded spec anytime soon, though. What would be the point of TB, which remains impossible to...
Sweet Christ, even discounted that's way too damn much.
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