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  Passcode is different than your password. It's an added level of security you'd only see if you logged onto your AT&T account page before now. Not sure what the default setting is... try the last 4 of your soc.
  Probably. Good on them. This ought to result in a nice bump in their stock price tomorrow.
Wow... it was hours before shipping was pushed back with the 4S launch. Either supply is being tightly constrained, or they just sold one buttload of phones in a hurry.  
  Yeah it's my wife's Audi. The cable has this proprietary connector on one end, and a dock connector on the other. Conversely, my F-150 just has a USB port that I can plug my iPhone or a USB drive loaded with songs onto, so I'm good with just an extra cable which I ordered along with the new phone. One in the truck, one in the house.   And I think that's pretty much what happened. It was just a casual act of "F you," probably by some kids as it happened around graduation...
  Eh, if by elegant you mean a chunky adapter that plugs onto the end of your existing connector, like when they changed the pin lineup/charging circuits so they no longer worked with older firewire-compatible cables a few years back, sure. 30 bucks isn't much considering I just dropped several hundred on a set of new phones, but it would have been nice if they'd made the thing in black so it at least matches the cable it's plugging into. As it is, I'll probably throw a...
  If I recall correctly, all orders placed before noon EST Friday of last year all earned first day delivery, and even some shortly after that. Everything else was a day to a week behind. Considering you ordered yours within the first half hour of availability, I'm pretty confident you'll be seeing a small brown box on your doorstep in a week.
  I think it's just worded oddly, as I haven't heard anything about an adapter being included with the phones themselves. Would be nice, as that would save me 30 bucks, but oh well. My fault for buying a car with a hardwired OEM connector.
  THAT'S what I did last year. I completely forgot about that. I couldn't get in because both sites kept crashing, so I tried the mobile app and was done in minutes.
  I had both windows open, but AT&T went live right on time so I went with them.
  Just completed my order. Keep trying.
New Posts  All Forums: