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Maybe they're holding it wrong, Tim.   Love how multiple threads on the Apple and MacRumor forums magically turns into only 9 confirmed cases. Really? So you're saying it's all a consipiracy, and these people are all a bunch of lying fandroids? Ok.   Cue free ridgid case program for those "9" people in 5, 4, 3, 2...
 Are the T-Mobile 6's unlocked and ready to be used on other networks like AT&T, or are they just contract free but still locked to the network?
 Because they want you to think it's a global problem, when it clearly isn't since other country's Apple Store websites are up and running right now.
Welp, was hoping to get a Grey Plus 64GB sooner than October, but it's looking like the Apple Store website isn't coming up in the US anytime soon, so I just bit the bullet and ordered through ATT since the Apple Store app doesn't allow off-contract pricing for god knows what reason. I'll try again in the morning, heck maybe even show up launch day at the store, and cancel my order if either of those work. I've been pre-ordering since the 4, and this is the worst I've...
Wow, that poster above is right: the UK store is up and running. It's just the US that's getting shut out apparently. Well that's a steaming pile of nonsense right there.
What the heck? I finally get in through the App, but I can only select upgrade or ATT Next pricing? Forget that. Why can I select off contract price through ATT's website but not Apple's?
I get the same thing. I chose In Store Pickup, but then it doesn't let me select my store. Now when I reload, it says Unavailable. WTH?
So other providers start at 20GB/free and the pricing is 20 dollars more a year for the same capacity as Dropbox, but that's their move towards staying competitive? Ok. Granted it's 7 dollars less than I was paying for 20gb which is nice but these new plans aren't exactly earth shattering.
Many devices from multiple manufacturers run different versions of software compared a single manufacturer? Wow. Stop the presses. Can already tell what kind of news day this is going to be.
Wow. Those are ugly, and I owned a Swatch in the 80's so that's saying something. Love my metal Pebble though.
New Posts  All Forums: