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Addictive? Uh huh. Played it for five minutes before growing annoyed with it's poor design and control mechanics, and deleted it. He was probably tired of getting death threats over the stupid thing.
He said the same thing last year, and all we got were updates of existing products. Tim needs to stop with the red herrings, and focus on actually releasing new products in new categories.
Getting busted artificially manipulating market prices sucks. I'd say I hope Apple learned their lesson, but seeing how they seem more indignant about the public humiliation than embarrassed about cheating the consumer, I'm gonna guess they probably aren't.
Wow. Ten dollars. So now Gazelle offers half of what you'd make selling your device on eBay, CL or Amazon, plus ten bucks. What a deal.
Hint: your movies will look NOTHING like this unless your phone is mounted on a 30k floating rig, shot by a professional DP, and then edited on a high end rig by a professional editor. Nice ad though.
Any word on their pledge to hire applicants that are 30 and older? No? Yeah, didn't think. We old timers just don't fit that young, hip corporate image you're trying to sell.
Considering the numerous and very public security breaches that have been in the news lately, assisted by Paypal employees, the bunch is the LAST company Apple should let anywhere near their finances or customers. After reading the testimonials that came out in one of those news pieces, and calling Paypal myself to find out just how easy it was to get personal information like credit card numbers and the last four digits of my social, all with minimal information provided...
So if I'm not in China, don't bother? Got it.
I used to think the same thing until I learned you scan a finger in more than once. I have each finger scanned in twice, and I rarely see Try Again thanks to that.
Good. What's the point of the Touch ID if I'm constantly having to tap in user names and passwords instead of just using my thumb? Other systems with fingerprint scanners have had this capability for a decade, so what gives?
New Posts  All Forums: