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You are correct. She's divorced but kept the name since that is what she released her first album under and is known by.Glad you like her music. Play it for your friends and spread the love.
  My "perfect" product will remain perfect, because it went out of the box and straight into a case, with a Zagg screen protector installed.   As for your snark, though you might not be one of them, many expect a brand new and flawless product when they pay a brand new and flawless price. A ding is understandable, as long as a proportionate discount is applied.
Hey! That's my friend Kate's new album at 17 second mark on the "Physics" ad. Need to call and tell her she's Apple famous now.   Oh, and shameless plug time: Go check her out on itunes, she's awesome.      
  The firing pin is just one tiny component in the grand mechanism of a gun. Remove it, though, and see how effective that gun is without it.   And Amazon blamed Apple for their inability to DECREASE prices, hence the complaint that lead to both investigations here and in the EU.
  This is the corporate equivalent of pleading "No contest." They didn't admit to wrong doing, but they certainly decided to stop fighting the allegations and folded to the EU's demands. In other words, they pulled a Lance Armstrong. They never found him guilty either, he just stopped fighting back. Would you consider him the winner in that scenario too? For as loyal as you are to Apple, I sure hope you're on the payroll, or at least got a free T-shirt at some point.
  Oh I'm certain they are completely unaware of the difference between a local Fox affiliate news broadcast, and the subscription cable news entity Fox News, just like a local NBC affiliate's news broadcast has absolutely nothing to do with MSNBC. That's the level of intelligence I've come to expect from anyone that spells it "Faux News."
  It just goes month to month. In that limbo period you can cancel your service without any fees, or you can order a new phone at contract prices and go back on contract. If you stay off contract long enough, your carrier will eventually notice, and try to get you to renew your contract with special pricing or deals on new phones.
  Mine is saying the same thing. Keep hoping it changes soon.
  Well if they want the 5 they will just wait. My contract expired back in April, but I waited until now because I wasn't going to be locked into a 4S for two years.
Oh my God, can you all shut up about Samsung already? This is Apple Insider... APPLE, not Samsung. Yes, we get it, ha ha, now move on because the joke is old and done. You're worse than a bunch of Atheists, that don't believe in religion, but still manage to do nothing but flippin' talk about it nonstop.
New Posts  All Forums: