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  Fair criticism of Apple /= "Trolling." That you can't see the difference is an issue in and of itself.
I'm so torn on this. That new body is gorgeous, but the longer screen is just ridiculous. When we said larger, we meant proportionally, not LONGER.   Apple is apparently continuing the long tradition of giving users what they didn't ask for, which is a mentality I will never understand.
  People reacting to odd news with a "well that's kind of weird," response is a far cry from OMG APPLE BE DOOMED!! LOLZ!!   But kneejerk overreacting is sort of your thing when it comes to defending Apple, so pointing this out is most likely a waste of time.
  Where do you think the stock sold from Apple's Refurbished Store comes from? Everything breaks, especially high tech gadgets that are meant to be held, and used daily.
That above picture is interesting and all, but it doesn't take into account the evolution of available technology between 2006 and 2010. I know most people forget just how fast technology evolves, but large touch panels were so expensive and touch interfaces so unreliable at that scale that physical buttons and a thicker form factor just made more sense. I know this because my hospital adopted Pad like devices for monitoring and distributing patient medications back in...
  Uh huh. Because pulling your ads from record-breaking audience numbers is such great business sense that it makes absolutely no sense to anyone but marketing geniuses. Lame excuses are worse than none at all. This is one time Apple should have just stayed radio silent like they normally do, and let this misstep disappear into the ether of yesterday's news and scandals.
Don't expect this to come out soon outside of Apple's own stores. No major retailer is going to adopt a technology that isn't cross platform and available on Android handsets as well, and Apple isn't exactly known for licensing anything to outsiders, especially those they deem as direct competitors. Sounds like an interesting idea though, even if nothing will ever come of it now.
I also noticed a lot of Android phones after the landing, when everyone was taking pictures and texting. Makes sense, as I'm sure these are the sort of folks that like to hack their mobile devices.
  Noticing a trend here, and it's not people having a problem with this site or Apple products, but rather you, a Moderator, constantly taking sides and using an abusive tone, that has folks upset. While it's fair to say you've always been noticeably biased, these court proceedings have brought out a serious negative side of you, and it's certainly not what one would describe as "professional." Honestly, I hear more mature banter from the 13 year olds on Xbox Live than...
New Posts  All Forums: