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Um.. there were already LTE phones on the market when it was released last year, so it was hardly the fastest. It's nonsense fanboy posts like this that make anything you say hard to agree with.
It'll be interesting to see what sort of real performance increase we'll see with LTE, which was just switched on in my market yesterday.
  Actually, they do, if you consider 20 million in a little over three months "many." The difference is most of those sales are through carriers, instead of many direct shipments to the end user like the initial sale of iPhones.   http://www.zdnet.com/samsung-galaxy-s-iii-sales-hit-20-million-in-100-days-7000003819/
  Um, what? The under 40 crowd GREW UP with Apple products in the classroom. From the Apple II's running Oregon Trail, Number Munchers and Odell Lake, to the original Macintosh, to the IIGS, Performa series and the original iMac with hockey puck mouse, an Apple was most likely the first computer any child that went to public school after 1980 ever used.   I've read some whoppers on this site, but your statement just completely takes the taco, Das.
  And my 83 year old grandmother adores her gen 1 Fire. She reads books in huge font, listens to audiobooks, and plays card games on it. That this technology has become accessible and intuitive is what is driving older folks to adopt it , and that is the real boon here. I'm sorry, but Apple hasn't patented that yet.   If you were on a fixed budget, which would look more attractive to you: a $199 Fire, or a $499 iPad?
  As I'm currently knocking on 40's door, yes, I do think I know a thing or two about that demo. And no, they really don't care. Yes, there are diehard fanatics like you that strictly adhere to one brand or another, but many at that age and beyond just don't care as long as it works. This is why they buy boring yet reliable vehicles like Honda Accords and such when many could easily afford something more expensive and flashy. In their minds, getting to and from with the...
  You're seriously comparing non invasive ads to violent personal crimes? What heck is wrong with you?
No, he's speaking of the older demographic, the 40's and up, which are a huge part of Amazon's business. They mostly don't care about brand or device names and such, they just want to be able to watch Netflix on it, or a listen to music, or read a book. They are looking for access to services and functionality, and the brand and device names all fall away in their minds. In fact, most could give less than a damn about any of that as long as something does what they want...
  The fact that you don't believe it, and are only posting it in hopes of spurring negative comments, is by definition "trolling." As a moderator, you should A) know that, and B) be above such behavior.   And you wonder why users wish they could block you.
  That's awesome. If Apple wants to go thermonuclear and patent the wedge, they need to be prepared for attacks like this. Once you show the world how the patent office can be used as a weapon instead of a shield, you deserve what you get.
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