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  What's Buzz? Never heard of it.
  Not long at all, apparently, since you were thinking it too.     And I love how they boast it's 38% thinner. Yeah, it's thinner because they removed the shirt clip. Morons. I do like the addition of bluetooth though, but I'd rather they kept the old form factor instead of making it a Touch Mini.
  Which costs Apple about $.17 when purchased in bulk, like they do.
While I don't mind Skeuomorphism when properly implemented, I agree that it's getting out of hand. OSX and iPad apps are starting to look more like Microsoft BoB than the clean, usable interface both are known for.
I assume he got tired of Apple gimping his work. Woz said it all back in June:    
Uh huh. I'm running 12C35, yet still getting about an hour and a half less run time compared to 10.7.4 on my 2009 13" MBP, so I have no idea what these people are doing differently than I am.
  I love how anyone that doesn't instantly agree with Apple's side in all things is instantly labeled a "hater" on this site. I own a 13" and 15" MBP, I've owned every single iPhone since the 3G, every single iPod since the Windows-compatible 1.5G came out, and have been using Apple computers since the II came out way back when, but yeah I'm such a "hater" because I don't look at a similar product from the competition and scream "RAPE!"   Yeesh. Fanboys. Steve, save us...
Yet still no access to photo stream from the website. Nevermind then. Once again, the one feature I've been asking for is left out.
Looks more like Vizio's AIO to me, but whatever. Have your little "Dey took ur dezines!" party and get it out of your systems.
  No, wait, it's emotional fanboy comments like THIS that make it hard to take anything you say seriously. Way to one up yourself, Skil.   It's a phone, for Christ's sake.. no need for slapping and/or kicking, proverbial or otherwise.
New Posts  All Forums: