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  And yet I never had a problem searching and browsing the old setup, whereas this revision is literally a mess and not intuitive at all.
Blech   That's all I have to say to the new layout. Convoluted, confused, and far from intuitive. What is with this recent spate of "fixing what isn't broke" anyway?
  I have, and they are absolute overpriced garbage. The best bang for buck headsets on the market today continue to be Audio Technicas, period.
  I'm willing to bet Samsung can roll out a 4.1 update a lot sooner than the court can act on this. Damn thing probably could have shipped with 4.1, for that matter. Proper incentive is all that's required.
Evolution? It looks like a mess. I'd consider that the opposite of evolution.
Not exactly hard to outperform Lion, which itself notably underperformed. Now if they could just fix that blasted battery issue.
  Listing fees are usually 2-3 dollars depending on how fancy your listing is. Final value fees are the real catch, deducting 9% from the final selling price. If you accept payment with Paypal, they deduct 2.7% off the total amount. If the phone sells for $550, you're going to roughly make 485 dollars on the sale.   In other words, a butt ton more than Apple is offering.
  AT&T will only unlock your phone if you're off contract and your account is in good standing. I know because my two year just ended in July, and they wouldn't unlock my iPhone 4 until the day after the contract was up. You can go to various outfits to have your phone factory unlocked for around $85-100 dollars. You can get a software of Gevey unlock for about half that, but honestly both are a pain. If you're paying for an unlock, factory is worth it.
  It usually takes a couple hours to show up on non-official channels. I don't care about FB integration, personally, and wish they'd focus on fixing the battery issues, which this second beta apparently doesn't since I'm still showing 2 hours less runtime versus Lion. Seriously not amused.
As has been pointed out already, there are better paying alternatives out there.   Gazelle is offering a similar $333, but eBay selling tool is showing final sales between $450 and $500 this week after listing and final value fees are factored in. I imagine you could get close to this depending on where you live.   Amazon seems to be the best game in town, offering up to $500 in gift cards for flawless black 64gb. Yeah it's a gift card, but I'm pretty sure even...
New Posts  All Forums: