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  Um... I'm sorry, but what? Photosynth is a photo app, who's one and only function is taking panoramic photos in a very similar fashion to this new feature in iOS 6. I understand you have a beef with this commenter, or whatever, but that's no excuse to start talking out of your butt like this.
  Photosynth has worked great for me for the last two years. I like the guide arrow in the iOS 6 app, but that it doesn't work on the IP4 is an issue if you happen to own one of those.
  How much were you asking?
Well as long as it gets them out of their parent's basement, nothing wrong with a little fresh air I suppose.
Only they didn't, because their availability has always said "October," from the moment they showed up in the online store. The USB adapters, on the other hand, DID sell out, and now show availability two-three weeks out. You're just going to double down on this incorrect report, aren't you AI?
  About as disappointing as a lame joke that refuses to die.
It's the adapters that are said to be in short supply, not the USB cables.Edit: Nevermind, you're right, AI is wrong. It's the USB lightning cables that are delayed, not the dock connector to lighting adapters like the headline and pictures indicate. What's up with that, AI?
Um... didnt these always show an October release date? I ordered one the same time I preordered my 5, which was minutes after sales went live, and it was listed ship date: October.
  Funny thing about that: I just tried to log onto my AT&T wireless account page via the website and the iOS app, and both times it errored out with a "Please contact your service rep directly by dialing 1-888 etc or 611 from your AT&T phone." I think they've locked out any account changes for the next few hours, as that would put undue stress on their systems, which are fragile enough as it is. I think your billing address has to match that of your credit card, which in...
  Passcode is different than your password. It's an added level of security you'd only see if you logged onto your AT&T account page before now. Not sure what the default setting is... try the last 4 of your soc.
New Posts  All Forums: