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  Well if ifixit or some Asian company comes out with a thin ribbon interface cable, it should be possible to slip a thin 2.5" standard SSD or even an HDD into that cage that sits under the trackpad. It wouldn't be the same as having two drives (one for speed, one for space) but it would be immensely cheaper than going with their upgrade route.
  Awesome, thanks Waybac. I just ordered the Optical to HDD drive conversion kit from ifixit. It was 15 bucks more than a similar rig on eBay, but ifixit has a good reputation, and their forums have helped me out of a rough spot more than a couple times so I'm happy to support the mothership, so to speak. I'd been waiting on 480gb or 512gb SSD prices to drop when one of my friends asked me why I don't just do what you did, seeing how 256gb and lower SSD's are all going...
  I was thinking about doing this myself. Do you have the SSD plugged into the HDD port, and the HDD plugged into the Optical port, the other way around, or does it make a difference? I've only recently considered doing this so I don't know much about the pros and cons of different configurations.
Oh? Where? I see one comment from one reviewer above, who may have concluded there were two speakers as there are two grilles. Multiple reviewers made the same mistake when the iPhone 5 was released, until the tear down revealed it was just one speaker inside.Also, from Apple's website:Lightning connector3.5-mm stereo headphone minijackBuilt-in speakerMicrophoneNano-SIM card traySpeaker. Singular. If they have said otherwise, it's neither on their website nor linked to the...
Huh. Wonder how well it'll fly when Samsung follows suit and dictates to the court what penalties it's willing to pay, cuz that's apparently the world we live in now.
Can't wait for the eventual tear down, to see if the spec sheet on Apple's website is correct, and there really is just one speaker. Remember: two grilles /= two speakers. Oh, and "mono" means one, and "speaker" means speaker.
  So far the answer to accuracy and brightness is "yes," but by a tiny, anal margin, much like the higher DPI. Skil said "best," not "noticeably best." My 63 year old mother has an iPad 2, and can't tell the difference between her iPad and my wife's iPad 3. As for battery length, at the same settings of brightness, it runs about 20 minutes less than the ipad 3, which isn't a huge deal considering that's still over 9 hours of playback.
  I had that same thought, and it would make sense, as it's worked very well for Intel.
  Well, the screen of the Nexus 10 IS better, by a not slim margin, and there is a good chance it's faster too, which will show when both are finally benchmarked. As for the last point, most versatile, Android is largely more open and adaptable then iOS, while iOS has more apps currently, so one could argue it both ways.   I find it interesting that AI hasn't said word one about the Nexus 10, or the Nexus 4, for that matter, nor anything about the spec and price bumped 7....
  Probably, just the same way the iPhone's refresh cycle was bumped from June/July to September/October.
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