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Nice to hear. I was this close to getting an MBA until these rumors picked up credibility. If I could have a 13" screen, a smaller/lighter footprint, and a real keyboard instead of that shallow affair the current MBA uses, I'd be a happy user.
  You're aware that actual production costs of a hardback book make  up roughly 20-35% of the retail price, correct? What's more, as a physical medium, I am free to lend it to anyone I wish, and there is added value in that as well. What's more, when I purchase a physical book, I own it, DRM free, to with it as I wish for as long as I wish, as long as I'm not copying or digitizing it, and then selling those copies. Books have much more value than an eBook, and pricing...
  Time to pull the stick out. A) I pay for a dev account. B) It's not piracy if the update is free anyway. If they want to mess around with dev preview software without the support of the dev community in case it messes up their system, what do you care?
  So why were prices substantially lower when Amazon was leading the market, and didn't go up until after Apple joined the game?   I can agree that prices were perhaps too low initially, but things have gotten out of hand with eBooks retailing 2 dollars less than hardback copies in many cases. I'm sorry, but that's absolutely ridiculous.
"Select Developers" being code for "Anyone with an internet connection."
  Think? No. Know for a fact? Yes.   Some of us don't have child hands, however, and can still navigate larger screens without any issues, and would much appreciate the increased visual real estate. What good is a longer screen going to do us? Oh, we don't have to scroll as much. Uh. Thanks? We'll still be scrolling left to right while trying to view non-mobile optimized pages, and as a programmer I'll have to now code for THREE aspect ratios instead of two, but hey,...
We heard this same nonsense last year, and everyone I know that ordered a 4S had them on launch day, baring one or two shipping snafus. If there are shortages, it's the foreign outfits and smaller carriers that are going to have to deal with them, as Apple does a fair job of making sure all their US partners get plenty of initial stock.
Wish they would show the connector pins on the USB side. I'm still hoping for a USB 3.0 cable, seeing how the 2012 line of MBP's and MBA's all carry those now. Faster charging AND data rates? Yes please.
  That also relied on the June/July release schedule. With the September release, this might change.
  Fair criticism of Apple /= "Trolling." That you can't see the difference is an issue in and of itself.
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