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Actually, it generally doesn't go over well with investors when bosses dodge questions like that. This wasn't a PR piece, this was an investors call between top brass and the people who actually have money invested in the company. Concerns regarding poaching could affect investor confidence, and lower the stock price. Concerns he clearly eleviated with his reply, as is his job. Whether it was "classy" or not is completely irrelevant.
While I can sympathize, and am disappointed but no surprised at the people insulting other companies for voicing a valid complaint, Apple had to institute this policy so as not to lose significant revenue from "free" apps that were chock full of in app purchase functionality such as many games and dating/social apps such as POF and Skout. Not only that, but expecting Apple to host the distribution of your app through its service while not charging you a dime, isn't very...
Or I could just stick with Pandora, which has always been good to me.
Felt like a car commercial to me. Pretty much every luxury car commercial I've ever seen, actually. Basically, it was a commercial that reminded me of a bunch of other commercials. Yeah... I can completely see what you're all worked up over. I get punchy on slow news days too.
And this is why you don't reply to ads on Craigslist unless you are 6'8 or Special Forces.
Well if it is priced similarly to the Sandisk model currently available, you'd pay 50 bucks instead of 19 for a USB-C to USB-A adapter that lets you use whatever thumbdrives you already have laying around. Even if you did buy a new drive, Amazon sells 32GB USB 3.0 drives for under 15 bucks. You could buy a dongle and two drives for the same price as one of these.All of this just makes me scratch my head all the more at Apple's weird decision to not include an adapter...
Uh no, no they don't. That's actually illegal. That would be like Sony blocking Blu-ray Discs from other studios from playing on their set top players.
I highly doubt this is true. Tidal has been a disaster since launch, no help required.
Are you insulting ifixit? Their tear down guides and support forums have saved me hundreds of dollars in repair fees, so I'm not understanding what your beef with them might possibly be.
Stopped reading at "Munster." And that's not trying to be cute, just recognizing that this guy has a horrible track record, and should be taken seriously either way. I could throw a dart at a wall full of numbers and come up with something more reliable than this guy.
New Posts  All Forums: