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 Which is exactly what LA Unified discovered, only it was the roll out of iPads that turned out to be the disaster. At least Ireland realized that tablets in the classroom was an idea not quite ready for prime time, whereas here in the states, we admit defeat by decreasing the 2014 allotment from 135 million to just 45.
Or you could just walk into most AT&T or Best Buy stores and pick one up right now, and not wait 3-5 days for shipping.
In all fairness, the smart watch is a tough nut to crack. That a major company is even trying with a big push is hopeful news to those of us who have wanted one for a long time. I'm glad there are those of you out there who don't want such a thing, but there are many of us who do. Being able to check notifications and control certain phone functionality without having to pull a phone out of our pocket, bag, or suitcase, such as at a meeting, dinner, etc where such a...
I'd say the iPad 2 reached "end of life" the moment Tim announced the price in October. Why would you pay 399 when you can have a Retina Mini for the same price, or a brand new state of the art Air for a hundred more? Weird move keeping the thing around.
Don't let the sour grapes get you down. Kudos for calling it right.
It's a great game. In my mind it's tied with The Last of Us for game of the year.
Interesting. I didn't expect a launch like this but guess we will know for sure in a couple hours.
I mostly use google maps, but two things irritate me enough to occasionally use iOS maps: I hate being asked to sign into a google account whenever gMaps loads (I don't have one, I'm not making one just to end the harassment) and I dont understand why they removed the ability to manually drag you route to modify it on the fly. Say I want to take such and such highway instead of the other highway, but everything else is the same. iOS maps let's you do that, gMaps used to,...
Miss my old 1.5 gen iPod. Synaptic click wheel, FireWire, portal sound chip, and SQ that made the current gen sound like garbage. It just worked so perfectly, and was an amazingly well designed bit of tech.
Updated and things seem to be stable so far. Much better than the freezing once every hour it was before. Hopefully they will stay fixed.
New Posts  All Forums: