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For one, this needs to be marked as an Editorial. Two: I notice they don't compare smart watches before the Apple Watch. Perhaps it will be more telling if they compared Smart Watch band prices before the Apple Watch, as that is likely the only thing that will change.
The USD isn't appreciating, everything else is depreciating. Still good for the U.S., but don't be giving credit where credit isn't due out of some sense of empty jingoism.
High margin = overpriced. Top analysts just confirmed what others were being attacked for saying yesterday. It's not the watches themselves, but the bands that are ridiculous. Perhaps 3rd party bands can save Apple from itself on this one, but it's going to take time for those to roll out, time the Apple Watch might not have if interest dies.
Horrible movie that's been out on the torrents for months now. Anyone that wants to see it in the under 34 demo most likely already has, so this is a Hail Mary if ever I saw one. As another poster pojnted out, check the reviews and comment section on IMDB for this one. Wow is right. There's hate, and then there's pure unbridled vitriol. Honestly I thought the studio would just shelve it, instead of risking damage to the shine of these two rising stars.
If this thing is set to hit retail shelves in two months, the bulk cost of production has long since been paid. Setting up a production line to begin with, then securing a supply chain for materials required for production = bulk cost. The rest is scalable depending on size of run.Launching via Kickstarter is simply a nod to the fans who made their success possible to begin with/honoring their roots, plus free publicity for KS itself who is obviously onboard as a special...
Uh, no. Step tracking is handled by the internal accelerometer, as is done by the current model. Improved accuracy and additional functionality requires additional devices. Not that it's shocking for AI to get something wrong, but still. Wow. It says it right there in the launch video, which I'm guessing you must not have watched.
Then he's never owned a pair of Sennheiser Urbanites or Momentums before, either. Both of those are wireless, have great lows but don't have to sacrifice highs and mids to get it.From his statements and attitude, I highly doubt he's owned any headphones that weren't endorsed by a paid celebrity or athlete, so his opinion isn't going to carry much weight.
Yeah, I have. They're heavy, overpriced, and absolutely suck in the high and mid ranges. There's muddled, and then there's those things. Try a pair of ATH-m50x's, and then talk to me about how wonderful anything with a big B logo on it is in comparison. They're even on sale at Amazon today, coincidentally.
You haven't owned many headphones then. There's a reason the people who make all those celebrities sound good wear AudioTechnica headphones. When it's your job on the line, and not fashion or trendiness, you go with what works best for the best price. The artists wear beats in their videos, yeah, but the board ops, editors and sound mixers who actually put those videos together are all wearing AT cans.
No, the tool that allowed us to remove the U2 album was the real gift.
New Posts  All Forums: