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Wow. Those are ugly, and I owned a Swatch in the 80's so that's saying something. Love my metal Pebble though.
I can't think of a dumber move on Apples part than hiring this yutz.
Did you not ever watch a Jay Carney press conference? That man is the textbook definition of "thin skinned."
Yeah cuz he did an awesome job for Obama.
And maybe smart watches too? Probably not since they'd most likely launch something like that with the next iPhone in the fall, but it's still nice to dream eh? Love my Pebble Steel, but something that was smaller and better integrated with my iPhone like the Gear line does with Android phones would be awesome. You don't realize how handy it is getting text and other info on your wrist without having to pull your phone out during meetings or social settings until you've...
Every year with this rumor. Yeesh. Not gonna happen folks. Current ARM processors can barley multitask for Pete's sake, and it's not like Apple and Intel have this contentious relationship or something, despite all the old fanboys who wish it were so as they long for the PowerPC days.
A 12" MacBook Air retina makes zero sense. More likely it will be with the exact same screen as the 13" Retina Macbook if it ever does come to the Air lineup. No sense in wasting money on extra parts that don't add any sort of advantage when you already have one from a different product line that'll do the job
Small spec bump now, full broadwell refresh in the fall. Makes sense, and they've done this sort of thing before. Nice when Apple realizes that selling year old tech at today's price is kind of a ripoff.
Want some job security? Become a lawyer for Apple. They must spend double in legal fees whatever they throw at R&D these days.
Oh good: screwing over the consumer just to make themselves feel more important, because that's been just awesome for console gamers. Wanna play the new " Uncharted?" Oh I'm sorry, that's only on play station. Yeah. We do this for you, the gamers.
New Posts  All Forums: