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Buh-bye, Lion. Otherwise known as OS X Vista.   You worthless, buggy, laggy, piece of garbage OS, you.
You don't have to turn it off. If you don't like it, just don't use it.   After you put in your where from and where to info, hit "Route." This brings up the routing screen with the little blue line charting your course. If you hit "Start" in the top right, it turns on Voice Guided Nav. Since you don't want that, go ahead and click the button on the bottom left that's just to the right of 3D, the one with the little lines through it that looks like a bullet point list....
  Except you don't, if you don't log in to either service in the settings menu. I just tried this on Beta 3, and no popups, no contact syncing, no contextual menu, nothing.   Are you happy when you're not complaining about things, or what? You're worse than a 90 year old woman with a broken hip and an empty carton of smokes.
  Running the GM of Mountain Lion now on my 2009 13" MBP, and while it's not what I'd call snappy, it's miles ahead of Lion in the fact that it doesn't crash every five minutes, and it seems like they've finally fixed that photo scrolling bug, in which pictures would go all whacky while scrolling down the webpage. The best analogy I can come up with is Mountain Lion is to Lion what Windows 7 was to Vista.   The only real annoyance is the new Sandbox architecture for apps,...
  No way.   OSX 10.9 Liger!     Also: what amazing new graphical improvements are to be found in Mountain Lion versus Lion, that would make 2008 models no longer compatible? Aside for the ridiculous and useless notification bar, what's changed?
Did you pay attention when you entered those train stations? Half the riders swipe their rail passes, but the other half swipe their phones. Same goes for most vending machines.
Why does AI bother with all these obviously bullshit reports?
I'd be happy if they would just turn off the "intent" part of autocorrect. I'm tired of typing "do" only for it to be changed to "to" or "so." I think I know what I'm trying to type better than you, Mr. iOS, thanks. If they REALLY wanted to make me happy, they'd give me the ability to add words to the dictionary, so it would stop trying to autocorrect names of people and places its not familiar with.
  Legacy denotes an outdated product that is no longer available, but still in use and is thus supported.   Last I checked, I could walk into any AT&T store and walk out with a brand new 3GS in a matter of minutes.   So to answer your question, no, I would not call the 3GS a "legacy" product.
  Um. What?   You are aware that until recently, FaceTime was a wifi-only App, right? Wifi-only, as in "not a GD thing to do the "cellular voice system"?   Just checking, because your comments would seem to indicate you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, but I thought I'd be clear just in case.
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