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  AT&T will only unlock your phone if you're off contract and your account is in good standing. I know because my two year just ended in July, and they wouldn't unlock my iPhone 4 until the day after the contract was up. You can go to various outfits to have your phone factory unlocked for around $85-100 dollars. You can get a software of Gevey unlock for about half that, but honestly both are a pain. If you're paying for an unlock, factory is worth it.
  It usually takes a couple hours to show up on non-official channels. I don't care about FB integration, personally, and wish they'd focus on fixing the battery issues, which this second beta apparently doesn't since I'm still showing 2 hours less runtime versus Lion. Seriously not amused.
As has been pointed out already, there are better paying alternatives out there.   Gazelle is offering a similar $333, but eBay selling tool is showing final sales between $450 and $500 this week after listing and final value fees are factored in. I imagine you could get close to this depending on where you live.   Amazon seems to be the best game in town, offering up to $500 in gift cards for flawless black 64gb. Yeah it's a gift card, but I'm pretty sure even...
  I just checked Gazelle 2 minutes ago, and was quoted $333 for flawless. That's on fluctuating market.
    Um, what? Not even smaller regional carriers are charging $199 for the S II. $49-$99 is the going price for that model right now, whereas the S III and similar spec'd models like the HTC One X are going for the quoted $199. I know the articles here are going to be slanted, but let's at least try to remain factual.
  You can thank the lawyers for that, not Cook. New iPad was one of Jobs' final projects, so again, meh. As for ML being released "on schedule," A) they set that schedule internally, so I don't see the significance of that, and B) previous launches came along with hardware refreshes, whereas ML came a month after. Sounds like it was behind schedule to me.   And saying Cook is no Sculley isn't exactly high praise, seeing how he's no Steve Jobs either.
Nice to hear. I was this close to getting an MBA until these rumors picked up credibility. If I could have a 13" screen, a smaller/lighter footprint, and a real keyboard instead of that shallow affair the current MBA uses, I'd be a happy user.
  You're aware that actual production costs of a hardback book make  up roughly 20-35% of the retail price, correct? What's more, as a physical medium, I am free to lend it to anyone I wish, and there is added value in that as well. What's more, when I purchase a physical book, I own it, DRM free, to with it as I wish for as long as I wish, as long as I'm not copying or digitizing it, and then selling those copies. Books have much more value than an eBook, and pricing...
  Time to pull the stick out. A) I pay for a dev account. B) It's not piracy if the update is free anyway. If they want to mess around with dev preview software without the support of the dev community in case it messes up their system, what do you care?
  So why were prices substantially lower when Amazon was leading the market, and didn't go up until after Apple joined the game?   I can agree that prices were perhaps too low initially, but things have gotten out of hand with eBooks retailing 2 dollars less than hardback copies in many cases. I'm sorry, but that's absolutely ridiculous.
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