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Well this is welcome news, as Tim Cook is about as exciting to watch as two sloths humping. I'd prefer they hand the podium over to Jonny Ive, personally, but that's just an unrealistic pipe dream.  
Typical.   We say "bigger," they hear "longer."   I'm not watching Pirates of the Caribbean on my phone, I'm viewing websites. Wider is better, not longer.
Why did he start laughing before Siri even reached the punchline?   Dumb ads, but I want that library. And that chair.
  Yeah, for a whopping 30 days. BFD. With so much of the business migrated away from paper and onto the ebook format, they'd only be hurting themselves if they tried to go back to that tactic anyway. Different times, different marker.
  Well let's take a quick look at two books, and their ebook counterparts.   Calico Joe by John Grisham is onsale right now for $14.23 in Hardcover, and $12.99 in ebook format. A difference of $1.24. Drift by Rachael Maddow is onsale right now for $15.00 in Hardcover, and $12.99 in ebook format. A difference of $2.01.   Does that sound like fair pricing to you, Gen?
So what does this settlement mean for consumers? Will these three go back to the wholesale model, resulting in lower priced ebooks across all venues, or does it simply mean they'll pay a fine to the government, and keep pricing as they have been?
  I'd wait if I were you. Lion (and ML, for that matter) have been buggy as all get-out for me. Unless you really need the few added features like push email to iOS like was mentioned above, stick with the stable build you're running now. I think ML is going to be great once the bugs have been worked out, but that's going to be months from now.
  I was thinking the same thing. And seeing how it's probably going to be an addition 10 bucks for every gig you go over your limit, anyone that streams a lot of video and audio is probably going to go the unsubsidized route and keep their unlimited plan.
Target doesn't do coupons, and their new commercials are aimed squarely at the Target shopper.   You're thinking Kohls.
New Posts  All Forums: