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  Oh I'm certain they are completely unaware of the difference between a local Fox affiliate news broadcast, and the subscription cable news entity Fox News, just like a local NBC affiliate's news broadcast has absolutely nothing to do with MSNBC. That's the level of intelligence I've come to expect from anyone that spells it "Faux News."
  It just goes month to month. In that limbo period you can cancel your service without any fees, or you can order a new phone at contract prices and go back on contract. If you stay off contract long enough, your carrier will eventually notice, and try to get you to renew your contract with special pricing or deals on new phones.
  Mine is saying the same thing. Keep hoping it changes soon.
  Well if they want the 5 they will just wait. My contract expired back in April, but I waited until now because I wasn't going to be locked into a 4S for two years.
Oh my God, can you all shut up about Samsung already? This is Apple Insider... APPLE, not Samsung. Yes, we get it, ha ha, now move on because the joke is old and done. You're worse than a bunch of Atheists, that don't believe in religion, but still manage to do nothing but flippin' talk about it nonstop.
They already did. Throttling on unlimited plan for iPhone 5 users now begins at 5 gigs, up from previous 2.
Eh what do I care? I use Skype anyway, and AT&T just bumped my unlimited-before-throttling threshold from 2 gigs to 5, so I'm pretty happy with my unlimited data plan right now. Now if they win their argument, I'll smile at their victory as a matter of principle, but again, not gonna affect me either way since I've not used FaceTime once since the day it was announced.
  And only two generations of iTouches. Fragmentation is fragmentation, Sol. If you're going to use this against Android devices, it's only fair to poke Apple in the proverbial rib when it does the same thing.
  Um... I'm sorry, but what? Photosynth is a photo app, who's one and only function is taking panoramic photos in a very similar fashion to this new feature in iOS 6. I understand you have a beef with this commenter, or whatever, but that's no excuse to start talking out of your butt like this.
  Photosynth has worked great for me for the last two years. I like the guide arrow in the iOS 6 app, but that it doesn't work on the IP4 is an issue if you happen to own one of those.
New Posts  All Forums: