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  I had both windows open, but AT&T went live right on time so I went with them.
  Just completed my order. Keep trying.
AT&T is live!!!
So where are you all ordering from: Apple, or your phone carrier? I've done both in the past, and I can't recall which was better.
  Cheap, unrelated, unnecessary shots don't exactly bring class to the joint, unless the majority of users here operate on the same toddler mentality. If that's y'alls goal, well knock yourself out. I thought I was dealing with adults.. my mistake.
I'll be all set. One of the upsides of living in Alaska: 3am Eastern is 11pm Alaskan. As long as the system doesn't crash and burn like last year, I should have all my orders placed and be in bed by midnight.   Of course, that was the plan last year as well. We all know how smoothly that went. I think I had my last phone ordered by 4:14 am.
It's not just other countries that are launching on the 28th. I saw on my facebook feed last night that GCI and ACS, two smaller regional carriers here in Alaska, are both launching the five on the 28th. This goes against past practices, which saw smaller carriers not getting their hands on the latest iPhones until 6 months or so after launch.   This means two things: 1) Apple finally renegotiated their contracts with AT&T and Verizon, which gave both a large head...
Just had to slide that negative comment in there, didn't you? You must be awesome at parties, what with that positive attitude of yours.
Does Verizon even have an Unlimited plan? I don't believe they do.
Love how they put their phone in privacy mode before taking those screen shots :-)
New Posts  All Forums: