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Target doesn't do coupons, and their new commercials are aimed squarely at the Target shopper.   You're thinking Kohls.
Honestly, I'm counting the days until I unload my Apple stock. I don't have much faith in Cook, and when the bottom eventually drops out, it's going to be ugly.
Well that's nice, seeing how Toast can't even see my superdrive under Mountain Lion.
Step one would be getting rid of those god awful new commercials, like that one with the dog jumping through the hoop over and over again. Yeah, I get what they are trying to say, but it's far too abstract and flat out annoying.
Interesting. It wasn't until well into summer that Apple began drawing down on orders for the current model. This, along with the retailer discounts announced last week, would indicate that the next iphone will either be launched sooner than September/October, or Apple has a boatload more unsold handsets sitting in their warehouses than they did this time last year.  
  Funny. My wife is a size 3, and her HTC One X fits in her pocket just fine, even when she wears skinny jeans. I sure it won't break any hearts if Apple finds a happy medium between the current size, and the One X's dimensions. The 3.5" screen was fine in the past, but everytime I borrow her phone to look at a webpage, youtube clip or map, I find my 4 severely lacking.
I'd say the fact that we've heard next to nothing about iOS 6 yet is more solid proof that we won't be seeing the iPhone 5 until October than anything mentioned in this article.
For anyone but Apple, probably.
This is great and all, but five bucks says AT&T gimps it, and sticks it with the dual core snapdragon Qualcomm proc like they did the HTC One X.  
      You mean the same way Apple advertised the A5X as being a Quad Core GPU?  
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