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  That's awesome. If Apple wants to go thermonuclear and patent the wedge, they need to be prepared for attacks like this. Once you show the world how the patent office can be used as a weapon instead of a shield, you deserve what you get.
Hmm. I wonder if this will be as successful as when Apple ditched Portal Player. Considering my first gen iPod Shuffle sounds better than my iPhone 4S when playing back the same music files, I'm going to go ahead and assume not.
  Don't worry, it won't be. Keep in mind they are still selling the rinky dink 8gb iPod touch for $199. The cheapest you will see the Mini starting at is 299, or a hundred less than the iPad 2 revision, and probably with only 8gb at that price point. Not such a big deal if you offer streaming services like Amazon does, but Apple as of yet does not. They really need to get those content negotiations finished, and roll out something similar to Amazon Prime if they really...
Yeah, try 330k. Google lied to you. Municipality of anchorage includes Eagle River, Bird Creek, and Girdwood.Anchorage got LTE for two reasons:1) the network infrastructure is newer, since they just redid everything from the ground up a few years ago when they bought the market back with the acquisition of Dobson communications/Cellular One. The back hauls themselves were already running fiber optic connections that support the increased bandwidth demands of LTE, so...
... and?
  Or just pick up an Xacto Knife and trim down your existing sim. Whichever works best for you.
  And yet I never had a problem searching and browsing the old setup, whereas this revision is literally a mess and not intuitive at all.
Blech   That's all I have to say to the new layout. Convoluted, confused, and far from intuitive. What is with this recent spate of "fixing what isn't broke" anyway?
  I have, and they are absolute overpriced garbage. The best bang for buck headsets on the market today continue to be Audio Technicas, period.
  I'm willing to bet Samsung can roll out a 4.1 update a lot sooner than the court can act on this. Damn thing probably could have shipped with 4.1, for that matter. Proper incentive is all that's required.
New Posts  All Forums: