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I'd be happy if they would just turn off the "intent" part of autocorrect. I'm tired of typing "do" only for it to be changed to "to" or "so." I think I know what I'm trying to type better than you, Mr. iOS, thanks. If they REALLY wanted to make me happy, they'd give me the ability to add words to the dictionary, so it would stop trying to autocorrect names of people and places its not familiar with.
  Legacy denotes an outdated product that is no longer available, but still in use and is thus supported.   Last I checked, I could walk into any AT&T store and walk out with a brand new 3GS in a matter of minutes.   So to answer your question, no, I would not call the 3GS a "legacy" product.
  Um. What?   You are aware that until recently, FaceTime was a wifi-only App, right? Wifi-only, as in "not a GD thing to do the "cellular voice system"?   Just checking, because your comments would seem to indicate you have absolutely no idea what you're talking about, but I thought I'd be clear just in case.
  You know how I determine it? FaceTime over 3G on a jailbroken iPhone 4 worked flawlessly for me, that's how.   Somehow, I just knew you'd be the first to support this obvious dick move by Apple. Either I'm psychic, or you're just that predictable.
  Only if you're racist.
  Only on a system who's base price is already $2,200 would paying $200 for $40 worth of ram be considered "modest," and even then we're stretching the meaning a bit.
Because Microsoft isn't looking to punish the end user for the actions of an unrelated corporation they have nothing to do with, unlike some other tech companies.
  What doesn't make sense is why they wouldn't support the original iPad, as the hardware inside is nearly identical to that of the 3GS.
This isn't really surprising, considering how Apple has staggered the release of the 4S among smaller telecoms worldwide. Many providers will be getting the 4S around the same time AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint are launching the 5. It's a good bit of strategy on Apple's part, and I'd rather see them dominating the industry through these sorts of tactics than with lawsuits and BS patents.
Well this is welcome news, as Tim Cook is about as exciting to watch as two sloths humping. I'd prefer they hand the podium over to Jonny Ive, personally, but that's just an unrealistic pipe dream.  
New Posts  All Forums: