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How is this an "Exclusive" when Gizmodo and The Verge ran this story hours before AI touched it?   Sorry, but that's a bit ridiculous.
Never ceases to amaze me the amount of confusion the ad campaigns for these new sets has caused. I had a business associate swear up and down to me he had an LED TV, not LCD.Personally, I prefer my three year old CCFL Aquos to the newer edge lit LED's. Yeah it might be thicker and heavier, but the lighting is much more uniform without any dead spots or backlight bleed. The local dimming LED's correct this, but they generally cost a grand or two more.
All nonsense like this does is keep honest companies honest, while dishonest asian knockoffs make a killing at a fraction the cost. I'm sure Belkin and the like are just thrilled about this turn of events.
  The increased screen resolution would be nice, but honestly, the only aspect I'm really interested in this for is the slimmer form factor and lighter weight. I loved the size of the MBA, but as I mentioned above, that shallow keyboard just didn't cut it for me. I get what you're saying about why they went with the 15" first though, and agree.   As for there being too many choices, I think this is why you'll see the current 13" and 15" unibody discontinued next year, and...
  Try getting a bulkhead seat if you can. Row 6 on Alaska's 737-800's and 900's. You lose the underseat storage since there's no seat in front of you, but the legroom and work space is almost as good as First Class. They usually stay booked up for elite members, but the hold is released 24 hours before departure, so check in for your flight a day ahead and it should let you grab them.   I tried an 11", but I took it back after a week because I need more screen, and the...
  You know the original 2008 Unibody MBP came out on October 14th, and the Late 2011 MBP refresh was released October 24th, right? A 2012 release on the 26th would be in line with previous launches.
  Yeah, because THIS is the slimmer Macbook we asked for, not the 15" model they released. I travel a lot for my job, and I was so excited this spring when it seemed like rumors of a thinner refresh were true (the power of a MBP with the footprint almost reaching MBA size) only to be extremely disappointed when a 13" MBPr was conspicuously absent from the lineup. Though the extra screen area in nice, for someone like me that does 40% of his work with his laptop sitting on...
Um. What? My wife got the last gen Touch for the gym, and it shipped with a remote equipped headphones, so I'm not sure what you all are talking about here when you say this is a continuation, and not Apple just getting cheap with this refresh.
  No, they're saying the lens of your 5 is shittier than that of the 4S, so watch where you point it.    
About time. We've only been asking for these for seven years now.
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