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If your vision is so bad that you can't read the instruments on your dash, you have no business behind the wheel to begin with.
 Hm. 9 devices across my family, one $5 dollar Pandora One subscription. What was your argument again?
It's Apple, so it's fair to say all of the above are going to be getting a hefty royalty deal off this so why exactly would they be shitting themselves?
The fact that no one cared and the loudest reaction to Drake's piece was a cough pretty clearly illustrated how what you mentioned above isn't an issue.
Spotify doesn't need one, nor does Pandora. I have both on all my devices, including wife's and kids, and have never had an issue. Again, why would I pay 15 for what I'm already getting for 5?
 Yeah, no. Not even close.
Wow... ending on a low point? I'm guessing that space was supposed to be where the delayed AppleTV was supposed to go because that was just drug out and awkward. What was the point of bringing out whoever that was because all he did was echo what the video said in much more uncomfortable, less interesting way?   The reaction from the audience, as well as it's boredom with whoever the heck that was performing at the close, pretty much says it all. Why would I spent ten...
So does this mean they'll be pulling Dexter, Weeds, and Californication off Netflix, where they've been streaming for awhile now?
Good! Hate the hold to view design.
So if this is occupying the Lightning port on the iPad, what is powering the iPad? Battery wouldn't last very long with the display running at full brightness all day.
New Posts  All Forums: